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chocolate Penquin vintage candy ad

Vintage Toledo TV - Buckeye CableSystem - With so many choices, sometimes you'd rather not choose. (Sun 10/2/94 ad)

Like a professional wrestler putting a full-nelson on your hips. (Funny bad retro lingerie ads)

After which it turns into a pumpkin. So be sure to be home. (Funny bad retro lingerie ads)

Vintage Toledo TV - Other Vintage Print Ads - Browse the night away at Barnes & Noble (Fri 9/30/94 ad)

A circa early to mid 1970's TV commercial for the Coleco line of Family Swimming Pools (larger than the kid sized swimming pools!)

and everything else too: Xmas in July, Day 23 and 24: KISS tickets / KISS Pendant Yesterday I had planned to post a pic of my KISS concert ticket stub from when I saw them at the Checkerdome in St. Louis MO in '79. Unfortunately-- WHERE IS IT??!! Arghh! So this is kind of a rip-off post for Day 23 because it was gonna say "KISS CONCERT TICKETS" which was always on my xmas list every year since they came through my town quite frequently, and then finally one year I got lucky.

Rankin/Bass-historian: PETER GUNN

Rankin/Bass-historian: PETER GUNN

Vintage Toledo TV - Buckeye CableSystem - Good News!...bill is going down! choices are going up! (Tue 8/2/94 ad)

Burger Queen - "Try Our Specialty: Fried Chicken" (Commercial, 1978) Here's a Louisville, Kentucky-area commercial for Burger Queen's Fried Chicken. Another exercise in cognitive dissonance - Burger Queen Fried Chicken. They're open; right next to Enchilada Prince Roast Duckling. This aired on local Louisville Television Saturday, July 22nd 1978 at a couple minutes before 10:30pm.

1950s Unguentine Commercial, now with Dianetol!

1977 Arm & Hammer "Onion Power" Commercial A very virile Frank Buxton voices the hero here. Baking soda is genuinely useful stuff, and it can neutralize excess stomach acid, clean car battery terminals, and make the Arm and Hammer company enough money that they can spend it airing animated commercials like this one.

W. C. Fritos - Saturday Crazies We have another W.C. Fritos spot for you that comes through the courtesy of Buzzco Productions.

and everything else too: Xmas in July, Day 16: Record Books Good thing this Xmas in July we added record books to our wish lists-- and being the horror head that I am, I made a special notation on Monsters Hits (#2) Frankenstein, Dracula, Man Thing, and Werewolf (but of course any cartoon and / or super hero set will work too!) So put on the record, and read along to full color action and adventure! (Sears Christmas Wish Book, 1976)

and everything else too: Xmas in July, Day 16: Record Books

1971-xx-xx Sears Christmas Catalog P230 by Wishbook, via Flickr