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Pointlessly Gendered Products

This board is a collection of products separated into male and female versions... for no obvious reason. For analysis, click through any image or visit Sociological Images at

Pointlessly gendered travel bags (thanks @Vetreneanu Anca!)

Twitter / witchhat: #Pointlesslygendered bags ...

Gendered sports fanning. Go Volunteers! for girls and people (thanks @drgusrang!)

Twitter / drgusrang: Yet another pointlessly gendered ...

Toothpaste for men, gently mocked by Margot and a friend if you click through (thanks Katherine B!)

Skinnygirl(tm) Wine: 100 cal per serving. Maybe guys wouldn't mind drinking low cal wine, too? (thanks @IllMakeItMyself!)

Twitter / IllMakeItMyself: Skinnygirl(tm) Wine: 100 cal ...

Gendered nut mixes (thx @thepipsqueaks!)

Twitter / thepipsqueaks: .@SocImages unnecessary gendering ...
  • Name Required  (allegedly)

    Keep in mind that "Men's Health" is a brand. The magazine obviously has put some money into the production and sales of this product so in return they want their name on the box as part of their deal with Planters.

  • Name Required  (allegedly)

    Their probably even owned by the same conglomerate somewhere down the line and cross promoting their products.

"Den Kit For Girls" (thx @friendofgran)

Den Kit For Girls

Earbuds for "woman in charge" (sigh, thanks @SACHEM_PeerEd)

Twitter / SACHEM_PeerEd: "Didn't know women needed ...

According to @I'll Make It Myself !, this is a hangover cure for the ladies.

Twitter / IllMakeItMyself: .@epicurious @SocImages ...
  • Will LeSuer

    Confirming the Japanese. This is the "low cal" version with just 16 calories as opposed to the regular 28.

Pointlessly gendered cookbooks (thanks @joanna!)

Twitter / joannamuses: @SocImages pointlessly gendered ...

Pink spaces for women are larger to make parking easier (thx @patelster1)

Twitter / patelster1: @SocImages ...

"Ear Ammo" (thanks @slowdumbshowman!)

Macks Ear Ammo – EARPLUGSTATION earplugs for everything!

Gendered tooth care and playing cards (thx @chocoreaper!)

Twitter / Chocoreaper: @SocImages I've found more ...
  • Liz Zylstra

    if we call the cards gendered then are we agreeing that toy cars in a blue pkg are "boys?' (and same for hk)

Pointlessly gendered body glide (thx @melissa correia!)

Twitter / melissacorreia: Pointlessly gendered at the ...

"Dude Wipes" (thx @audiofreedom!)

  • J de Asturias

    This has not a thing to do with our (dudes) need, it's about their greed... have to get our money somehow.

  • Haley McEwen

    beyond being pointlessly gendered, these sound frikkin gross!

  • Sarah F

    Plain old baby wipes work fine on babies of any gender, and we take them camping. So far no one has suffered any damage to their gender identity.

  • Olivia Dawson

    Women have hair around their anuses unless they spend time and money removing it to conform to pointless gender rules.

  • J de Asturias

    We can settle this easily and put them out of business, everyone get a Brazilian Wax and make sure it extends to the rear! :P

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"Dude Wipes" (thx @audiofreedom!)

Pottery Barn says this bedding is for boys only (thx @ laura_lawrence!)

"Powerful yogurt: The first yogurt for men" (thanks @ asociologist and @ jsmooth995)

Women vs. people... it's nuts! (thanks @ pupperdoon and @ malakhgabriel!)

Rescue robot is "female," has "gyrating hips" to help her save lives... or something (thx @ kenHkolb!)

"Meggings," leggings for men (thx @ ahoo_tabatabai!)

Where to Buy Meggings | Meggings Man Clothing
  • Christina Helen

    Is this actually pointless? It seems there might be legit reasons for different designs, given different space requirements in the groin area.

  • Elizabeth Surton

    My male children wear leggings purchased from the girls' section all the time. No big deal.

  • Meggings Man Clothing

    Christina is correct. We took the male physique into consideration with the crotch and hip areas.

Pink fish hook remover, yep (thanks @ JasonH00per!)

Twitter / JasonH00per: Gendered hook remover. #fishing ...

The "Man Chip" (thanks @ joannamuses!)

Twitter / joannamuses: .@SocImages More for your ...

Gendered Magnet Talk (via Let Toys Be Toys)

The Let Toys Be Toys 2013 Silliness Awards

Girl Globe (via Let Toys Be Toys)

The Let Toys Be Toys 2013 Silliness Awards
  • Eryn M.

    @Alex Leichtman Betancourt I don't see that its wrong. Wrong by who's account? Because in my view, its not so much "pointlessly" gendered as it is something designed to draw girls into more academic pursuits. Pink is a trend for girls whether we like it or not (and if we don't like it, there's no one forcing us to buy pink things for them.) Its just the way things are. So here's an educational toy that plays on that to get kids that might otherwise not care for something like a globe to be interested in such things by making it visually appealing to them. There are a lot of items I'd call pointlessly gendered, but this not so much. In fact, I'd be more inclined to stick this in my girl's room because it matches the rest of her things. They wouldn't make it if there wasn't a demand.

  • Eryn M.

    I have no idea why that tagged someone else entirely, because I entered your name correctly @Alex Leichtman Betancourt.

  • Eryn M.

    And again...ah well!

  • Alexandra Betancourt

    Bad wolf sorry if I sounded mean to you, that was not my intention. Maybe the reason for that is it because english is my third language. I know what you mean about the color I even like the idea of market variety . The problem is to stereotypes things like colors in the mind of young children's, i'm not saying that you do that . It's not a problem if you buy this globe to your kids, I even think its pretty, and you will rock if you come home with this present for your kids. The problem is the social and psychological factors that this things imply; like is true that the pink is a trend for girls but that is because of our culture. I read a news the other day of a kid being bullied at school because of his 'my little pony' backpack and that is a consequence of gender stereotypes. Is good that children know that if they like blue or pink is not bacause it's meant to be but is there choice to like it. Sorry again and one more thing I love the nickname and the photo; Dr who is the best!

  • Rebecca Blake

    Im in no argument with anything said here... but I hated pink items growing up and I knew a lot of others girls who did too. I feel girls were more programmed to like pink than anything else. I would not like this globe as a kid because it seems like it being pink is more important than it being realistic.

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