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Pointlessly Gendered Products

This board is a collection of products separated into male and female versions... for no obvious reason. For analysis, click through any image or visit Sociological Images at

Unnecessarily gendered trail mix (thanks @ gobonkersnow!)

"Girly girl binoculars" (thanks @ day_jess!)

  • LaRe'shea Hunter

    What the heck!

  • Navarre

    as opposed to boy-y boy ones?

  • Kate Pratt

    I know I have problems seeing through those terrible masculine binoculars.

  • Navarre

    I always find them too big for my little dainty woman hands. At at least being decorated with bright flowers and drenched in the colour pink I will never again pick up the wrong binoculars.

"Man crisps" (thanks @ day_jess and @ dcturner!)

"Manly indulgence" candles in "bachelor pad" and "ivy league" scents (thanks @ r0setayl0r!)

Vitamins support "muscle function" for men and "appearance" for women (thanks Meghan Q!)

GIrls' and boys' pirate ship toys (thanks @ MCIcsusm!)

"How to tell time like a man." (thanks @ catsandcatts!)

Pom-bar "wild" and "sweet" for boys and girls respectively, of course (thanks @ zoestagg and @ day_jess!)

Lavish pet shampoo: "pure" with a flower and "For Him" with the scent (?) of "sport" (thanks @ thepipsqueaks!)

Q-tips for men (thanks @Spencer Althouse and @catsandcatts!)

Twitter / CatsandCatts: Attn: @SocImages RT ...
  • Siobhan Gallagher Kent

    Oh my LORD. I'm embarrassed for whoever thought of that. And for whoever signed off on it. And for the entire company, really.

Rocket plane birthday card for boys only (thanks @Magda_Christy and @elakdawalla!)

Twitter / Magda_Christy: @SocImages MT @elakdawalla: ...

Sunscreen for men (click thru for a reluctant defense)

A Reluctant Defense of Sunscreen for Men » Sociological Images

"Tuff Chix" work gloves (thanks @wegotwits!)

Twitter / wegotwits: @SocImages @lisawade Too many ...

Pink lemonade for girls, of course; pirate lemonade for boys (thanks @vickyherbel!)

Twitter / vickyherbel: @lisawade to add to the list ...
  • Amanda

    Does it actually say "for boys/girls" anywhere on the packaging? I mean, that's probably the intent, but to me this just looks like each flavor gets a different look, and it makes sense for the pink one to have a pink character.

Pointlessly gendered travel bags (thanks @Vetreneanu Anca!)

Twitter / witchhat: #Pointlesslygendered bags ...

Gendered sports fanning. Go Volunteers! for girls and people (thanks @drgusrang!)

Twitter / drgusrang: Yet another pointlessly gendered ...

Toothpaste for men, gently mocked by Margot and a friend if you click through (thanks Katherine B!)

Skinnygirl(tm) Wine: 100 cal per serving. Maybe guys wouldn't mind drinking low cal wine, too? (thanks @IllMakeItMyself!)

Twitter / IllMakeItMyself: Skinnygirl(tm) Wine: 100 cal ...

Gendered nut mixes (thx @thepipsqueaks!)

Twitter / thepipsqueaks: .@SocImages unnecessary gendering ...
  • Name Required  (allegedly)

    Keep in mind that "Men's Health" is a brand. The magazine obviously has put some money into the production and sales of this product so in return they want their name on the box as part of their deal with Planters.

  • Name Required  (allegedly)

    Their probably even owned by the same conglomerate somewhere down the line and cross promoting their products.

  • Pat

    Wait, why do women get cashews? I want cashews!

Earbuds for "woman in charge" (sigh, thanks @SACHEM_PeerEd)

Twitter / SACHEM_PeerEd: "Didn't know women needed ...

According to @I'll Make It Myself !, this is a hangover cure for the ladies.

Twitter / IllMakeItMyself: .@epicurious @SocImages ...
  • Will LeSuer

    Confirming the Japanese. This is the "low cal" version with just 16 calories as opposed to the regular 28.

Pointlessly gendered cookbooks (thanks @joanna!)

Twitter / joannamuses: @SocImages pointlessly gendered ...

Pink spaces for women are larger to make parking easier (thx @patelster1)

Twitter / patelster1: @SocImages ...
  • Maretcita .

    Oh no. No. I just refuse to believe this is a thing.

  • Ashley E. Jones

    Rofl I've been asked to parallel park for men before.

  • Angela Doyle

    They're not larger to make parking easier. They're located closer to exits and lights, and were installed after a number of women were attacked in dark parking garages. Still...I don't know that I approve.

"Ear Ammo" (thanks @slowdumbshowman!)

Macks Ear Ammo – EARPLUGSTATION earplugs for everything!