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Pointlessly Gendered Products

This board is a collection of products separated into male and female versions... for no obvious reason. For analysis, click through any image or visit Sociological Images at

Pom-bar "wild" and "sweet" for boys and girls respectively, of course (thanks @ zoestagg and @ day_jess!)

Lavish pet shampoo: "pure" with a flower and "For Him" with the scent (?) of "sport" (thanks @ thepipsqueaks!)

Q-tips for men (thanks @Spencer Althouse and @catsandcatts!)

Twitter / CatsandCatts: Attn: @SocImages RT ...
  • Siobhan Gallagher Kent

    Oh my LORD. I'm embarrassed for whoever thought of that. And for whoever signed off on it. And for the entire company, really.

Rocket plane birthday card for boys only (thanks @Magda_Christy and @elakdawalla!)

Twitter / Magda_Christy: @SocImages MT @elakdawalla: ...

Sunscreen for men (click thru for a reluctant defense)

A Reluctant Defense of Sunscreen for Men » Sociological Images

"Tuff Chix" work gloves (thanks @wegotwits!)

Twitter / wegotwits: @SocImages @lisawade Too many ...

Pink lemonade for girls, of course; pirate lemonade for boys (thanks @vickyherbel!)

Twitter / vickyherbel: @lisawade to add to the list ...
  • Amanda

    Does it actually say "for boys/girls" anywhere on the packaging? I mean, that's probably the intent, but to me this just looks like each flavor gets a different look, and it makes sense for the pink one to have a pink character.

Pointlessly gendered travel bags (thanks @Vetreneanu Anca!)

Twitter / witchhat: #Pointlesslygendered bags ...

Gendered sports fanning. Go Volunteers! for girls and people (thanks @drgusrang!)

Twitter / drgusrang: Yet another pointlessly gendered ...

Toothpaste for men, gently mocked by Margot and a friend if you click through (thanks Katherine B!)

Skinnygirl(tm) Wine: 100 cal per serving. Maybe guys wouldn't mind drinking low cal wine, too? (thanks @IllMakeItMyself!)

Twitter / IllMakeItMyself: Skinnygirl(tm) Wine: 100 cal ...

Gendered nut mixes (thx @thepipsqueaks!)

Twitter / thepipsqueaks: .@SocImages unnecessary gendering ...

Earbuds for "woman in charge" (sigh, thanks @SACHEM_PeerEd)

Twitter / SACHEM_PeerEd: "Didn't know women needed ...

According to @I'll Make It Myself !, this is a hangover cure for the ladies.

Twitter / IllMakeItMyself: .@epicurious @SocImages ...
  • Will LeSuer

    Confirming the Japanese. This is the "low cal" version with just 16 calories as opposed to the regular 28.

Pointlessly gendered cookbooks (thanks @joanna!)

Twitter / joannamuses: @SocImages pointlessly gendered ...

Pink spaces for women are larger to make parking easier (thx @patelster1)

Twitter / patelster1: @SocImages ...

"Ear Ammo" (thanks @slowdumbshowman!)

Macks Ear Ammo – EARPLUGSTATION earplugs for everything!

Gendered tooth care and playing cards (thx @chocoreaper!)

Twitter / Chocoreaper: @SocImages I've found more ...
  • Liz Zylstra

    if we call the cards gendered then are we agreeing that toy cars in a blue pkg are "boys?' (and same for hk)

Pointlessly gendered body glide (thx @melissa correia!)

Twitter / melissacorreia: Pointlessly gendered at the ...

"Dude Wipes" (thx @audiofreedom!)

  • J de Asturias

    This has not a thing to do with our (dudes) need, it's about their greed... have to get our money somehow.

  • Haley McEwen

    beyond being pointlessly gendered, these sound frikkin gross!

  • Sarah F

    Plain old baby wipes work fine on babies of any gender, and we take them camping. So far no one has suffered any damage to their gender identity.

  • Olivia Dawson

    Women have hair around their anuses unless they spend time and money removing it to conform to pointless gender rules.

  • J de Asturias

    We can settle this easily and put them out of business, everyone get a Brazilian Wax and make sure it extends to the rear! :P

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"Dude Wipes" (thx @audiofreedom!)

Pottery Barn says this bedding is for boys only (thx @ laura_lawrence!)

"Powerful yogurt: The first yogurt for men" (thanks @ asociologist and @ jsmooth995)