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Sexy Toy Make-Overs

This board documents the recent trend in feminizing and sexualizing toys and brands. For analysis, click through any image or visit Sociological Images at

The evolution of Candyland characters, by Ryan Obermeyer.

My Little Pony, the Movie

My Little Ponies humanized for movie
  • Pony Hooker

    Sadly, the humanized ponies made by fans were generally much better. I hate how NONE of the characters wear pants or shorts, in particular Rainbow Dash and Applejack.

  • Holly Feagin

    It seems Hasbro is trying to create a product that more closely competes with the Monster High line.

  • Jenifer Zeglin

    Another issue is that the ponies/girls in this picture are at least wearing short sleeved shirts or jackets with their miniskirts. The dolls they've made to go along with this movie are wearing bustiers with their miniskirts! I let my daughter see this movie, and it wasn't all that bad, but no way am I buying her the dolls. Too much like strippers for our family.

  • Plii Wish

    Overly-feminized postures in this image....It's an obscene caricature. They all stand cutesy-pukesy "girly" instead of standing playfully or with any strength.

  • Mere M

    It's weird, if not surprising, that they also present little girls with a single model for their bodies, with identical hourglass curves and impossibly long, thin legs. When the show is populated by ponies, their shape really isn't an issue. Indeed, one of the charms of the show is that in it, there are many different kinds of female characters and many different ways to be a girl. In this version, there is certainly only one way to look like a girl, at least.

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Brave's Merida Gets a Disney Make-Over (click thru for analysis)

Brave’s Merida Gets a Disney Make-Over » Sociological Images
  • Alyson Ballew

    The dress is cool. But she no longer looks like the 12-ish year old girl she was supposed to be in the movie.

  • Bertha Mason

    Right? And where's her bow? I guess new Merida doesn't want to get her nice new dress dirty doing all that unfeminine sportsmanship.

  • Leontine Greenberg

    She's 16 in the movie, and she does wear that dress. But she hates it, and rips it off so she can use her bow.

  • Bertha Mason

    Oh, okay. Then that makes this a whole different kind of fucked up than I'd thought (presenting her as the more heteropatriarchally appealing, unarmed version when the whole point of the movie was her rejection of that). But I'm extremely glad they're not sexualizing a preteen here.

  • Lorrie Morgan Ferrero

    So much for consciousness and progress...

The Quaker Oats Man Gets a Different Kind of Makeover (click thru for analysis)

The Quaker Oats Man Gets a Makeover » Sociological Images

Sexy Toy Make-Overs: Barbie (click thru for more)

Inspiring Gender-Neutral Lego Ads from the 1980s (click thru for analysis)

  • Ann White

    So what happened to Lego? They cancelled their much awaited female scientists almost as soon as they were announced


Beauty and the New Lego Line For Girls » Sociological Images
  • Melissa Monteith

    This was really eye-opening and confirms what I've been thinking in one little slide show Thank you.

  • Megan O'Donnell

    This is actually the an old ad, when Legos were not advertised specifically to boys. Now they have a new line specifically for girls, and it's rubbish. Legos were better when they didn't over-think it. (http://www.feministfrequenc...)

  • Carol Still

    I don't recall caring what color they were. My grandson is a Lego fiend and I don't think he cares either. Having lots of them is more important than what color they are. I grew up in the 60's so the concept of gender neutral didn't exist yet. But my brother and I played with the same toys a lot of the time. I made tents and sleeping bags so GI Joe and Barbie could go camping together. We played with Hotwheels, Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs and plain old blocks. But I think we spent the most time playing with the planer ends my dad brought home by the trailer full. Just irregular shaped pieces of wood. He kept us supplied with nails and we each had our own hammer. Now my brother is a very successful architect and I design quilts.

  • Chasity Lani

    Hell, I'm 23 years old, and I STILL play with Legos. (Granted, I'm a mom and a PreK teacher, but still). I have vowed to only buy "regular" Legos-- even when I have a girl. Not much imagination going on when everything in the "Girl version" is focused on tea parties, lounging around poolside, and other crap.

  • Joanna McManus

    The worst thing about Lego friends is that kids round here call it girls' lego and that makes all the other lego sets boys' lego. So now you need to be ready to be slightly transgressive just to build a castle, or a police station, or a helicopter. Madness. Pernicious madness.

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  • Ambelleina

    I hate what they've done to my beloved Strawberry Shortcake. I collect SS figurines and memorabilia from the 80s, but I refuse to purchase any new ones simply due to the change. Why long, flowing, arguably "sexy" hair, exposed arms? At least they left her leggings on, but sheesh.