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What Color is "Flesh"?

In the U.S., the words "flesh," "nude," and "skin color" are often used to describe the skin color most associated with "white" people, a practice that erases or marginalizes people with medium and dark skin. This board collects examples of this phenomenon. For analysis, click through any image or visit Sociological Images at

Counter example: Adhesive bandages (appear to) come in at least three skin tones: light, medium, and dark (thanks @ queerasfoucault)

A Counter-Example to "Nude"=White (thx @ afuturemd and Shermel S!) us.christianloubo...

"Nourishing lotion for normal to dark skin" [click on this image to find a short clip and analysis exploring the impact of advertising on beauty standards] Thanks so much for sharing this, Umu.

Unmasking Photoshop
  • Emily


  • Livia Carboni


  • Kate Nadeau

    ah, the hypocrisy.... We might think everyone is beautiful, but not everyone is normal!

  • Ashriel D'aethe

    I actually sat there with my mouth open in amazement at this on earth did the multiple people I assume saw and ok'd this packaging fail to correct that?

Non-White-Centric Uses of Terms Like “Nude” (click thru for more)

  • veggiesattva

    I am the person who sent in this image, taken at a Walgreens in New Haven, CT. I was so glad to see an expanded idea of skin colors in such a basic staple product! Also was tempted to buy the darkest ones and identify them as "skin color" if anyone asked :)

"Nude," Racial Marginalization, and the Wedding Industry (click thru for analysis)

"Nude," Racial Marginalization, and the Wedding Industry (click thru for analysis)