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DIY Sock Style

Mending, embellishing, repurposing... we want you to get the most out of your socks!

Beautiful and practical - make a bouquet of baby socks as a baby shower gift!

Wonderful DIY Baby Sock Rose Bouquet |

Sock Wreaths! Just change out the socks and this can work for any holiday or season!

WIP Blog: Sock Wreaths

Stuffed pig from a sock! We love how polished this one is!

jane avion: monsieur jambon

DIY removable shoe wings!!

Diy Removable Shoe Wings

Awesome Stenciled Leggings tutorial!

Tutorial Tuesday: Stenciled Leggings | Transient Expression

Game of Thones themed ribbon garter tutorial, from a historical costumer! Super cool.

In celebration of National Craft Month, Brenna has rounded up all of our previous DIY tutorials, and made a new one for lacey boot toppers! Enjoy!

This week's Sock Journal is a DIY round-up of all the best tutorials we've made and shared in the last few years! Perfect for last minute gifts!

A quick and easy costume hairstyle, using part of a sock for extra volume! The Gibson Tuck is appropriate for Edwardian - 1940's costumes, or you can update it for a contemporary look!

This week's Sock Journal is another DIY edition, guest starring yours truly (Rosalind) - learn to make your own tights designs with bleach stamping!

Have you ever experienced the incredible frustration of trying to find "nude" colored stockings in a tone that isn't light beige? We feel you. That's why Brenna has given us instructions for an easy DIY solution. All you need is the right shade of Rit dye and the proper technique, and you can have your perfect match!

New Sock Journal: how to remove pilling from your socks (and other clothes) using an electric sweater shaver. More methods to come!

Its not too late to enter our contest over on Cut Out And Keep! Submit your sock-related DIY project by April 28th for your chance to win!

These are some seriously professional looking sock puppets, but theyre DIY! Click through for the tutorial!

How to fingerweave a DIY jumprope out of old socks and tights! Great craft for kids!

Great simple tutorial to add a sweet lace ruffle to the top of any sock!

Super simple DIY idea with endless potential: bleach pen on tights!

DIY Bleach Pen Leggings

Today Brenna explains one of the easiest, yet most important sock crafts: the heat pack! Actually, this works as a cold pack too, if you put it in the freezer! Simple things can be a great comfort.

DIY - cover eggs with leaves and bits of old nylon stockings to make herb stenciled Easter eggs! This tutorial includes instructions for making dye out of vegetables!

In this week's blog, Brenna takes a look at ways to reuse old nylon stockings that are now beyond the point of wearability. Many are useful household tips, with DIY screen printing as a grand finale!

More DIY from Dreamer Brenna - customize the fit of your socks with wet stretching and/or foot shrinking!

Photo tutorial on ball joint doll tights. This came to us via tumblr, and we haven't been able to track down the original source. Please let us know if you know it! We'd love to give proper credit...

Brenna and Zaf team up to show you how to line up vertically patterned tights! This isn't too hard with socks or stockings, but if you don't get your tights aligned from the start, they can give you all manner of trouble! Our lovely model Mrs. Half-Mannequin guest stars. ;)

What starts out as a review of our ribbed M Stockings turns into a DIY guide to making the feet smaller!

  • Michaela Whitney

    I recently tailored a pair of the OTK O marled's in the toes and heel. Fixing the fit is super easy! Ps. love all your socks!

  • Hannah Grenade

    OH! thank you so much. I love mine but yeah the feet are too big.

DIY felt bows - you know what would be great with some felt bows? Socks, of course!