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hey by iwan pruvic | 500px

So, How Bout dis Weather?: Gold Dust Day Gecko

Chameleon by Mehmet Karaca

(via 500px / climbing reptile by Alejandro Tirado)

Fijian Crested Iguana

Green Iguana - Most Beautiful Pictures

Web-footed gecko

Giant Leaf-tail Gecko, Marozevo, Madagascar

Madagascar Day Gecko

Madagascar Day Gecko by mc27

Blue Iguana in Cayman Islands

Polo Pixel: Starfish Beach, Water Cay Cayman Islands

Thorny Dragon by KeresH, wikimedia: This Australian lizard grows up to 8"in length and lives up to 20 years. It eats ants and collects water by the condensation of dew at night which runs down its skin and between hygroscopic grooves between its spines. During rainfalls, capillary action allows the thorny dragon to suck in water from all over its body. #Thorny_Dragon

File:Thorny Devil crop.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


AmazingChameleons: Amazing Chameleons

Italian Fire Salamander (Salamandra s. gigliolii)