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you "rock"! after completing "mounds" of homework and "piecing" together all of your knowledge, you've finally hit "payday": graduation! as you head off to college, don't listen to any "snickers": you're no "dum dum"! you are one "hot tamale" on your "way" to making "100 grand"! congratulations on your graduation "smartie"!

Cheap and Cheerful Graduation Gifts

My Tassel was worth the Hassle Graduation Hat machine embroidery 2 designs. $3.20, via Etsy.

Graduation gift!!! Rolled up dollar bills/candy in a mason jar. Topped with a graduation cap and ribbon :)

Gift baskets for seniors. Going to do this for my lil bro when he graduates from high school!


Here's a wonderful online big graduation gift basket

Graduation Gift Basket Hat's Off To You

Is it possible that your book smart boy may leave to college without toothpaste? Will his packing list most likely have 'ipod' listed several times, but 'laundry detergent' amiss? Give your high school student a heads up to college at graduation by giving them a gift full of practical items, they may just not think of.

Onward to College Survival Gift Bag ideas

High school graduation is coming up; celebrate your graduate with 7 unique gifts ideas that are inexpensive and fun.

Finals Distraction Package For those college students who need a distraction during finals!

5 Creative gifts for the high school graduate