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Ps 23

God created a void in your heart that is only His to fill. When life becomes meaningless, boring, and hard it’s because we’ve been filling it with anything but Him.

"My life is meaningless"

Thank You God. :)

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Dear God, I am praying for those hurting and in need because of illness, loss of a loved one, unemployed, loneliness, in need of answers, or in need of comfort. Please wrap your loving arms around them and give them peace. Amen

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Resurrection Sunday - Easter

Ephesians 5:33 Wife: Newlywed Bliss(ters): The Curse of Happiness

This interested me because my English professor said something almost identical last quarter. He said nobody is shocked by the outragous people like lady gaga these days. If it were 20 years ago, people would have been shocked. Now the only way to shock people is to be outragiously good. No one is doing that anymore.

Sometimes we complain about the cross we bear not realizing that it’s preparing us for the dip in the road that God can see and we cannot.