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Scott Stanford with the Titles during the preshow.

Scott Stanford and Matt Striker from Night of Champions.

The smile on Scott Stanford's face here is hard to resist.

Scott showing off the stylish pink tie.

The beauty of Layla next to the extremely handsome Scott Stanford.

Layla is not impressed.

Scott Stanford during RAWactive.

A very handsome picture of Scott Stanford with ring announcer Justin Roberts.

Matt Striker and Scott Stanford on the 9/6/12 episode of Superstars.

Is Scott Stanford taking a nap before his next segment on NBC 4?

You know you all want to sing along with me here... "I'm on a boat! I'm on a boat!" And then I'm suddenly hearing Scott sing this... giggling...

Scott Stanford with Jaclyn Swartz of The Bachelor/Bachelor Pad.

Scott Stanford and Dolph Ziggler. Too much sexy in this photo.

@scottstanford1 welcoming back Mathews after his first attack from Kane. What will happen next week? 8/30/12

My favorite man on the planet, Scott Stanford, with Matt Striker on this week's Superstars. 8/23/12

Scott Stanford from Superstars 7/26/12 ... with Josh Mathews.

Scott Stanford and Josh Mathews from Superstars 8/9/12.

Scott Stanford with the beautiful Domenica Davis from NBC.

The ever handsome Scott Stanford commentating WWE Superstars on 7/19/12 with Josh Mathews.

Scott Stanford at his hotel WM28

Scott Stanford checking in WM28

Know Your Bro, brought to you by Bro Pop.

Scott Stanford (right) and Josh Mathews from the 6/21/12 episode of Superstars.

A handsome picture of Scott Stanford thanks to @BizarroDoom from Raw/Superstars 6/4/12