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Solar Infographics

81 Pins

Solar Infographics

  • 81 Pins

Have you ever wondered if you could live off the land?

Affordable Rooftop Solar in the United States

Why Doesn't Florida Use More Solar?

Inforgraphic "NFC East Stadiums Lead In Energy Efficiency" shows solar playing a lead role in cutting energy costs for pro teams!

New Study Reveals the Power of Solar Schools

3,752 schools in the U.S. have gone solar! Check out more solar school stats, a photo gallery and resources for teaching solar in K-12 schools.

Top 10 solar states

Good point!

There is now 10,250 MW of solar energy in the U.S. What does all that solar add up to?

Nearly 75% of all new electric capacity in the U.S. came from solar in October | SEIA

solar energy

How Solar Panels and Photovoltaic Cells harvest the Sun's energy

Solar Panels and our Economy

Solar Means Business Infographic: Top 10 Brands that have #GoneSolar 2013 | SEIA

Rooftop solar costs 1% of what they cost 35 years ago.

State of US Solar 2013 via @Greentech Media

A very thorough guide to energy-efficient home lighting.

Infographic Renewable Energy Around The World

There are 9,400 MW of solar energy installed in the U.S. What does that mean?

How solar works.

Sun Superpowers: Solar Energy Advantages [Infographic]

Infographic: Sustainable Energy for All - What Will It Take?

Ivanpah: the World's Largest Solar Thermal Project

Solar is booming in MA! Companies like RevoluSun have worked to quadruple the installations from 2010 to 2012.