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10 minute standing ab workout. obsessed!!!

From the Fit Community: A 10-Minute Standing Abs Workout

I want to try this BUTI Fitness Cocoa Tango Workout

Loving these Buti workouts! Wish the DVDs weren't so $$$ - Sample BUTI Tone Workout B by Bizzie Gold

Wowza this video is NOT a joke. It's kick BUTI. ~Elizabeth-- BUTI Fitness workout inspired by Good Earth Tea's Sweetly Twisted, an intriguing black and herbal blend. It starts sweetly enough only to take an unexpected tangy twist that keeps you guessing, leading to a refreshing finish - just like the workout.

Get ready to shake your moneymaker like you never have before with this 10-minute Buti workout. A hybrid of dance and yoga, this increasingly popular Crunch class mixes traditional yoga poses with pulsing and gyrating moves to tone your entire body while raising your heart rate. It's fast-paced, fun, fierce, and feminine. And might even make you...

Try Our 10-Minute Buti Class For a Yoga/Dance Workout — I LOVE this fun 10 minute workout!

Try Our 10-Minute Buti Class For a Yoga-Dance Workout

Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack Abs Workout- Level 1 - YouTube