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“Just living is not enough," said the butterfly, "one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”

The Festival, Ubud, Bali by Rob Dougall

Ophelia DeVore (August 12,1922 - February 28, 2014) was the first African-American model in the United States. In 1946, she helped establish the Grace Del Marco Agency, one of the first modeling agencies in America.

LaVern Baker (1960) The first black artist to file a legal grievance against white artists who produced pop covers of their hits.

DIY Fairy Light Vanity. Words my daughter will be taught: “I’M A PRINCESS AND THIS IS MY TIARA AND HERE IS MY PRINCESS ROOM!”

If only I had dolls like this growing up maybe I would have embraced my hair more rather than hate it. #foodforthought

  • What A Find Jewelry

    I'm a mom to be and I love this and would love to give to my daughter. I also just did the big chop myself.

  • Intellectual 247

    You might not have had this but ypu can be a human doll to blk girl... lil blk girls love to see my hair like that... :-)

  • Shaunise Ryan

    Where can i get this doll?

  • Layla G

    Where were all the Barbies with natural hair when I was still playing with dolls? Madison from MyScene dolls was as close as it got.

  • Erica Obando

    @Carla Rojas she looks like me!

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Natural hair

keep calm, I really love my natural hair because it's what GOD gave me and placed on my head, and it defines me and who I am ☺️💕🍍

Slut shaming is the result of patriarchy. It's based in the notion that as women, our sexuality belongs to men and particularly to men we 'lose our virginity to' or marry, and before that to our fathers, and not to ourselves.