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Books Worth Reading

A most unusual sci-fi duology in one omnibus, this book had me transfixed with its evocative narrative of a 29th-century universe where "the Human Hegemony is under threat. Invasion by the warlike Ousters looms, and the mysterious schemes of the secessionist AI Technocore bring chaos ever closer." A "superb vision of future technology and ancient religions, of scientific revelation and timeless mystery, of transcendent joy and mind-bending terror." Highly recommended!

If you could go back in time and prevent a world-changing event, such as JFK's assassination, would you? Would the consequences be worth it? Stephen King is at his story-telling best in this brilliant novel "11.22.63".

Whitley Strieber's true account (published in 1987) of his experiences with the visitors. One of the scariest books you'll ever read.

25 years on, Whitley Strieber updates his thoughts arising from his visitor experiences originally discussed in "Communion".

Change your view, change your life. Highly recommended.