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Unplugged Wedding

Considering encouraging your guests to ditch their cameras and experience your wedding first-hand? Here are some ways other brides and grooms have communicated their wishes to their guests.

Dear DJ AJ9: Should I Have an Unplugged Wedding?

Dear DJ AJ9: Should I Have an Unplugged Wedding? (Part 1)

Unplugged Wedding - The couple respectfully requests that all guests honor the sanctity of this moment by turning off cell phones and cameras. The photographer will capture how this moment looks — We encourage you all to capture how it feels with your hearts, without the distraction of technology

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I cringe when I hear phones go off during a ceremony!!! Don't want that happening during mine. AND I don't want people taking pics with their cell phones to interfere with my professional pics...standing in the aisle, flash, etc.

Another post on unplugged weddings that has convinced me to do the same!!

Unplugged Wedding » Stevi Sayler Photography LOVE this idea, wishing more couples did this, would make my job as a photographer light years easier!!

Unplugged Wedding

unplugged weddings ~ don't let your guests ruin your professional photos!

  • Jes Ham

    I hadnt even thought about this being a problem! Thank you!

unplugged ceremony_unplugged wedding ceremonies_brooke allison photo CT

Suggested text for unplugged wedding ceremony

Consider an UnPlugged Wedding to avoid shots like THIS from your professional photographer!

Such a nice way to remind guests to be present during the ceremony. We have been seeing more and more guests up and wandering around taking photos during ceremonies never mind stepping in to isles at key moments...such a bummer!

Great IDEA!! Brides and grooms have been asking their guests to turn off their cell phones and digital cameras in an effort to encourage their guests to be present during every moment of their wedding.

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