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Lego dresser from vintage thrift store... using spray paint and cut circles with scroll saw & knotched finger grips with router

Repainted vanity in aquamarine... was vintage cream and gold :P

decoupaged fabric light switch covers for superheros

1960s Bonnet by sears dresser makeover with homemade chalk paint

Lego switch covers with baseboard and xacto knife

Mario surprise brick cubby.... using wood, paint, electric tape, and polymer made mushroom handle

Crocheted easter baskets! Just do a hat pattern upside down.... pok'emon ball, purple minion, yellow minion

SUPER SOFT Tshirt with faux fur trim pillow...for Graduation Signing PILLOW We call it our THNEED graduation signing pillow. Cause when we made it, we joked and said it could be a backpack or a apron, lol! So Inspired we used a quote from Dr. Seuss. We are using it to have guests sign for my daughter's graduation! “Congratulations! Today is your day. You're off to Great Places! You're off and away!” ― Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You'll Go!

House number wreath(my version).... Plans are to add seasonal picks for year round fun! :)

3-Mother's birthstone pendants gifts!

Homemade paintwashed sconce, Cast iron seahorse bought on etsy, dollarstore glass, jute rope, sand and shells... I made them in pairs!

Decoupaged family tree crossword on canvas.... photoshopped halftoned family photos to look like newspaper, printed vintage comics for background.

Reuseable Water Bottle Foam Cozy: Saving money on water bottle waste,& now my kids can use their water bottles with no confusion of who's who's. We used craft foam and ribbon.

Scrabble board collage canvas

  • Sommer Allen

    I rubbed transfer letter font from inkjet, painted over on each wooden tile each are 5x5" and then created each colored square on photoshop to mimmick true game, and photo shop created letter distribution and edit Allen family over original scrabble side banner. Then decoupaged each printed out and hand painted canvas background! Entire canvas is 56"x56" took 3 months due to vacation breaks between! But wonderful family memories on wall!

Menu board- chalkboard spray paint (3 coats) hammered metallic spray paint (chrome) trimmed using painter tape, and handpainted white acrylic letters (you could use vinyl)