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Sonia Pitts

Sonia Pitts

~Mama. ~Honey. ~Daughter. ~Friend. ~Artist. ~Photographer. ~Archiver. ~Thinker. ~Believer. ~Business Owner. ~Idealist and Realist. ~Lover of Live Music.

Our best days are yet to come ♥

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I believe meditating on this and allowing it to open us up to change can prompt the empathy in one's self that they typically seek in others. With that, we are able to bless others instead of judge or criticize and in this, we bless our own self.

my children & seeing beautiful things..

This is life now but it will change!!

  • Sherry Sparks

    I called you today to find out about Friday because I won't be home all day tomorrow. I guess you were in a lot of pain. So sorry for you. Are you talking about the song called "Your cries have awoken the master?"

  • Sherry Sparks

    This stupid thing won't let me write nothing long now. Anyhow I love that song to. My trial came without any warning and the storm of my life begun. That part reminds me of me. This happened to me overnight.

  • Sherry Sparks

    Anyhow, let me no about Friday and when I can call. May God be with you and help you. I will be praying and thinking of you. Your my dear friend and I think a lot of you. Can't wait to hear from you.

  • Andrea McClure <3

    Hey im sorry i was in a lot of pain but i will try to call you tomorrow ....yes the the master song is the one thank you so much i will call ya and let you know :-)

  • Sherry Sparks

    I no you were in pain. I tried calling today, no one answered. I am going to try again in a minute. I hope all went well and can't wait to find out how you are.

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#The fear of what people think. People are not always gonna agree with us and that's ok. We can't please people but we can please God.