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How To Put On Bright Red Lipstick…

Oxblood fall trend- but let's call it something else, shall we? oxblood on the lips sounds really gross. but the color itself is gorgeous!

Mix baking soda with little milk to make a thick paste, the small granules in the baking soda helps to exfoliate blackheads while the lactic acid in milk clears out the pores, keeping the skin clean and clear.

  • Abbey S

    Chkout this video that shows how to naturally and permanently cure acne without drugs - it's rili cool....I wish I found this two years back

  • Bridget Leslie

    Do NOT try this if you have sensitive skin!! I tried it and I have sensitive skin and it didn't do any this to remove the blackheads. All it did was hurt my skin and gave me two new zits!:/ not impressed!

  • Linh Phan

    Does soymilk work the same?

  • Anna Engel

    This is actually something that pulls black heads to the surface. What I like to do is do this before I use my Biore Pore Strips and it works wonders!!

  • MaKayla Smith

    No soymilk does not have lactose...the lactic acid is what you need in milk

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Blackhead remover. Homemade face scrubs: brightening scrub, blackhead remover, moisturizing scrub, soothing scrub, and invigorating scrub.

  • Kathy B

    Checkout this video that shows how to permanently banish acne without drugs - you'll like this....I wish I found this two years back

  • Sheila Guthrie

    I use the oil cleansing method, which works great for me and also is moisturizing.

  • Mandy

    You really shouldn't put baking soda on your face it messes up the pH of your skin

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DIY blackheads removal remedy: take a 1/2 of a lemon and add a drop of honey. Rub gently all over your face.Allow to dry then wash with lukewarm water.Done.

Gelatin and milk. This is for an amazing face mask. It removes blackheads and peach fuzz and it SHRINKS pores (my favorite part). It is fun to peel off too, just avoid your eyebrows and sensitive skin under your eyes.

  • Nicole

    Yes, but if you do it in the wrong spot it will be extremely painful. I would only do this on your nose, and even then it can still hurt.

  • Kat S.  =^^=

    Ok, glad to know, thanks for the warning. I have very sensitive skin so I probably shouldn't try it

  • Malia P-K

    I've tried just about everything to get rid of blackheads, this being the latest one and it pulled out maybe 5 that I saw on the gelatine once I peeled it off. It pulled out all the peach fuzz though and it hurt a lot.

  • Lynsey Swindells

    I've currently got his on my face after going for a facial yesterday and being disappointed with the extraction I though I better do something myself, with

  • Lynsey Swindells

    Ok I did it and it's very painful, the results are quite good though. I would recommend only putting it on the problem areas not the whole face. I feel like my face has been waxed :)

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Love this idea!!

Mason Jar Salads ~ How-To and Tips to Help Keep Everything Yummy and Fresh

Chopped Black Bean, Cucumber and Avocado Mason Jar Salad

Mason Jar Salads With Recipes and Packing Order! Last 7 days in fridge

Mason jar meals - Just load a mason jar up with layers of fresh ingredients and tie on a fork. Easy to eat, easy clean up, no wasted paper products or garbage!

  • Odessa Johnson

    Does this get soggy?

  • Lorena Garcia

    As long as the dressing doesn't touch the lettuce. There's a way to layer the food so it doesn't.

  • Odessa Johnson

    Ok I will try this

  • KAJ

    Ijust make this. Didn't have a good sized mason jar on hand and thought.... why not clean the empty mayo jar I was going to throw out? Cleaned it good, put on a cute label and now it's ready for his lunch tomorrow. Bonus is: easier carrying for him then the glass. Just a thought. I'm pretty excited about this and thought I would share!

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