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Find an old non-working chandelier at a thrift store, add mason jars, and hanging crystals then voila! A country chic candelabra!

Country Chic in North Idaho: Quirky Decorating Ideas

Set of 2 Partners in crime Best Friends Bracelets - Silver Handcuffs Bracelet handcuff bracelet handchain BFF jewelry Live Love Leaf designs...

AWESOME! I will see if I can find a cute pinata of sorts and have my girlfriends fill with pink or blue confetti and if we can find a place to hang it, I know Ben and the rest of my little fam would love pulling a string

Gender Reveal Party: It’s A Girl!

Neapolitan Mastiff | Neapolitan Mastiff Dog Breed Profiles want so so so bad!

Neapolitan Mastiff Dog Breed Profiles

A band for each childs birth.. each different and unique

The tank is a soda bottle, and it's connected to his pacifier :) Too cute not to repin!!

This is possibly one of the saddest but sweetest pictures ever.

:''''''''''( that is so sad yet sweet!!!!

Faith In Humanity Restored - 20 Pics

feyonc. need for an engagement party.

feyonc. need for an engagement party.

Key industrial piercing earrings!! So Cute!! :D Once the roller coaster season is done, I want to get my industrial re-done $9.99

So we were in choir the other day and our choir director was telling us about how she had a dream that all her teeth fell out. It got really silent and then my crush goes "I had a dream that I was pregnant." So we all bust out laughing and then he goes on to explain that it was going to be a boy and in the dream he named him Elijah. So now we're all giving him cards and planning a baby shower :)

Look at that face!

That’ll do, donkey. That’ll do.

Texas Ranger String Art by theofficalcraftaddix on Etsy, $39.99

Not much of a pink girl when it comes to cars. But these rims would look pretty sexy on a black lifted jeep. Summer rims maybe???

Dandelion Puffs: These wishes just wait on a shelf in the garden until a sad child needs some love and encouragement. Then, it is off with the cap, eyes tightly closed for a wish, and a big huff. This cheers children any time they're sad–and it makes me happy just to see the dandelion puffs resting in wait. So sweet...

Leopard for Baby Girl

restless wanderer {junk gypsy co}

Is it inappropriate if that's the perfect place to get naked? I think not. ^__^