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I can haz gadgets?

The cutest canines, felines, and pets on the interwebz, curling up with our fave gadgets. No opposable thumbs, no problem.

I am the alpha dog! ;) Shot with a Sony Alpha

Wanna play?

  • Elliemediatv

    This reminds me of when I was younger and I let my rabbit on my bed and then she chew through the wire on the playstation controller! Oops! =)

"Do you like my action cam?"

POV Action Cam | HDRAS100V/W

Never been happier

Action Cam - Video Cameras Sony Store - Sony US

Thank you for my Sony Xperia Tablet. I love it.

What do you mean I can't surf? Hang 20.

Action Cam - Video Cameras Sony Store - Sony US

Is it Friday yet?

VAIO doubling as a pillow.

Chilly the cool pup sporting the Action Cam.

Dreyfus is excited to play with Xperia Tablet Z

No gadget pictured, but this was too cute not to share

Check out this cutie.

Introducing Animalia, Sony's first ever line of tech products just for pets.

Sike! Sorry, kittehs.