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Stuff You Say You Want

61 Pins

Stuff You Say You Want

  • 61 Pins

"4k home theater projector! If anyone wants to hook a brother up for his birthday…" - Jordan

VPLVW1100ES Review - 4K Home Theater ES Projector - Sony US

"WANT IT!" - Mariana

  • James Kim

    I don't know....normally the Sony used to be the best product even though made by Japan but now it's getting lower quality of the product and the price ain't a's getting but's better to use it for a while

"I want to win these cool Sony Headphones!" - Serg

"Sony High-Quality Lens for Smartphones - Want" - Cheryl

Smartphone Attachable Lens-Style Camera | DSCQX100/B

"This is the camera I want!! I have to start small and work my way up with photography" - Marie

"Sony a99 Full-Frame DSLR Camera Body....dream camera!" - Mandy Broomfield

Sony a99 Full-Frame DSLR Camera Body | SLTA99V

Black 4GB Walkman Sports MP3 Player- I WANT these!!! - Shay Tucker

I like this from Best Buy/ Looking at getting Naturallystacey on YouTube looking more professional - Stacey Altheimer

Better lens for my iPhone!!!! - Emily Arkin

"C'mon, who doesn't like loud music?!" We're with ya, Thoughtzofny.

"All I want for Christmas!" - Laura's getting a head start on her holiday wish list...

Nana says, "I got my eye on you..."

Premium Dock with Lightning Connector | RDPXA900IPN

"Makes me want to trade in my current computer!" -Anourath

Seeing PS4 added to lots of Pinterest wishlists!

"I can dream, can't I!" - Dawn Thrush

Sony® α SAL70400G2 Super Telephoto Zoom Lens | SAL70400G2

"Sony Xperia™ Tablet Z - the birthday present I really really want and know I'll never get! I'm in love with a tablet... Help!" -Cheri

Sony US - Sony US

"I can't remember the last time I was this excited about a laptop." -TK Mackie

  • TR MacKie

    Yes, I love my new seashell pink laptop! It was a beautiful gift from my friend and editor, JZ.

"I WANT IT SO BAD." - Matt C.

"The computer I need and want and cant wait to have!" - Amber Ross

VAIO® | Flip PC | SVF13N23CX/

"Me likey" - Matt Hantz.

"I really want/need this lens!" - Carl Evans

Been seeing lots of pin love for the waterproof Walkman

"If I get this, I won't need cable anymore. Awesome!" - Katie