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My amazing friend @Breanna Newbill Newbill Christian told me to fly. I'm working on it. I'm getting my wings and learning how to use them. Ill be flying before you know it. I love you so much!!!!!

Oh My Goodness.. why didn't they teach me this in keyboarding class?!?!

Blessing Bags - keep a couple in the car so when you see someone who is struggling (ie begging) you can give them a little something. Acts of Kindness. I LOVE THIS IDEA! :)

Never Pay for Redbox Again! I knew this, but it's nice to have the codes all in one place.

STOCKING STUFFER! $7.29! this would be perfect to have in your purse, for whenever you can't find an outlet and your phone is about to die, like shopping, etc.

Candy Bar Game. Our family plays this EVERY year at Thanksgiving! We usually put in BIG bars to make it more exciting! Even the oldest person wants to play this game!

Home Remedy for soar throat, hacking cough, tight congestion... Using this in the winter instead of all those mucus relief drugs and decongestants that dont do a thing.

I love baby shower games, and this is hilarious....when the ice melts in your drink, and your baby floats you yell "my water broke!".hilarious!

DIY hair masks for dry hair, damaged hair, split ends and hair growth

Army ACU Dress by bebebuttonsboutique on Etsy, $25.00

ACU army camo Knot dress with removable sash in your by Philopolis, $29.95

Custom Made Handcrafted Army ACU Taggie Blanket

Coffee Cakes: ACU Deployment Wreath

ACU Digital Camouflage Dress (USMC available)