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"THESE ARE THE BOMB! I purchased these as gifts for my daughter-in-laws and we ALL absolutely love them. I just keep buying and buying them. Once you try one, you will be hooked forever. They are absorbant and small and easy to use and wipe up anything. They wash up perfectly too." - Sharon from Louisville, KY

For those who dont have humidifiers - When toddler or baby is stuffed up from a cold, since it says not to put Vicks on infants or toddlers this is an amazing way to give them relief throughout the day or as they sleep add a table spoon of Vicks and a table spoon of water to your scentsy or any warmer, bam simple and easy and effective.

roommate (spouse) alarms- rings that you put on your finger that vibrate to wake you up so that it doesn't wake up your spouse. How cool are these?

Now THIS is awesome!!! - An outlet that automatically turns off power once your device has been charged to save energy.

Summer or spring (if needed) nap. Oh YES.

This would be awesome....warm towels!

Tapi - Faucet Squeeze Drink Fountain $9.95 for two. Would be great for the GrandKids. - the Original Bag-in-Bag Medium: Sky Blue