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The ancient Persian;s vertical view of a society started with a family and then went up into a clan, tribe and country. If the people living in the empires functioned well and were loyal, it would not matter how they did so.

This article talks about how agriculture was one of the things that were brought under the rule of the Persians in the Achaemenid empire. Eventhough there were man handicraft activities, agriculture still dominated.

Storage_jar_decorated_with_mountain_goats_Chalcolithic_Sialk_III_7_4th_millennium_B.C._MetMus.jpg (31358 bytes)

Ok... even though this just looks like a bizarre pipe, it had a MAJOR significance. This was found in the Indus River Valley and is a plumbing pipe. The reason that it is so significant is because it had a large role into creating modern day plumbing. This is almost a sign that the people back then were very smart and they knew how to utilize all of what they had.

cais1.gif (153930 bytes)

sasanian_stucco.jpg (1061×1058)

sasanian_kish.jpg (350×350)

Plaque with king on horeseback (chal Tarkhan-Ishqabad).jpg (38781 bytes)

bukan_glaze_qalaichi1.jpg (60249 bytes). Amazing polychrome glazed tiles from Qalaichi NW Iran

Achaemenid_Golde_Neckless_with_Seal_MIHO.jpg 675×530 pixels

Sasanian_silverplate_3rdC.jpg 600×600 pixels. From CAIS website: the Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies.

PERRO: En el zoroastrismo es considerado como una criatura benéfica, limpia y justa; presente en las actividades del hombre durante la paz y la guerra (sag-e karzari, perro de guerra); que tiene una relación especial con el Más Allá, pues la sagdid (mirada de perro) purifica el alma y expulsa los demonios (Asuras). Por ello debe ser alimentado y cuidado. El Ihtiram-i sag , "respeto por el perro", es un requerimiento común entre los zoroastrianos de Irán. Persépolis, s.IV a.C

Burnt City's Women Were in Charge of their Family Financial Affairs - CAIS Archaeological & Cultural Daily News of Iran©

Medieval Pottery

Sasanian_Silver_Gilded_Rhyton.jpg (758×501) #amphora


Akkadian Symbols | This is the Old Persian syllabary:

YAZIDISIM A Heterodox Kurdish Religion

YAZIDISIM; A Heterodox Kurdish Religion

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