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Plan the Perfect Mad Scientist-Themed Party: Mad Scientist Cakes

Make a Colorful Liquid Layers Density Column: You can make a colorful many-layered density column using common household liquids.

Set Money on Fire but Don't Burn It: Chemistry Demonstration: Burning Money Chemistry Demonstration

Easy Way To Grow Borax Crystal Snowflakes

How To Grow Bismuth Crystals

Grow Baking Soda Crystals with This Fun Science Project

Grow Ammonium Phosphate Crystals

Easy To Grow Alum Crystals

How to Grow a Seed Crystal

How to Make Flavored Rock Candy

What Chemicals Grow Crystals? Check This List for Chemistry Projects

Instructions for Growing Naturally Colored Crystals

How to Make Glow in the Dark Slime: It's easy and fun to make eerie glowing slime.

It's Easy to Make Bubbles Glow: Here is a glowing bubble caught on a bubble wand.

Glow in the Dark Blood: Non-toxic glow in the dark blood works for alien costumes or to add effect to any costume.

19 Spooky Halloween Chemistry Projects: Glow in the Dark Pumpkin

Easy Way To Grow Borax Crystal Snowflakes: Borax crystals are safe and easy to grow.

Use chemistry to turn a liquid into 'wine' or 'blood' and back to water again. - Tastyart Ltd Rob White, Getty Images

How to Make Homemade Slime: You can alter the consistency of slime by changing the ratio of ingredients.

How to Make a Bouncing Polymer Ball

How To Grow Table Salt or Sodium Chloride Crystals: These are cubic crystals of table salt or sodium chloride. The salt crystals were produced by evaporating a salt solution on a black plate. The crystals are 3-mm across.

This is how to make the best Halloween jack o lantern. This jack o lantern features a long lasting flamethrower tower of flame, plus you can customize the color of the fire.

Light Up Halloween With a Flamethrower Jack o' Lantern: Best Jack o Lantern Idea

16 Things That Glow in Black or Ultraviolet Light

How To Make a Glow in the Dark Pumpkin

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