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Carlos Cruz-Diez

Cruz Diez, Chromosaturation à l'exposition “Inverted Utopias. Avant-Garde Art in Latin America”, 2004

Cruz Diez, Chromosaturation à l'exposition “Cruz-Diez”, 2004

Carol Cruz-Diez, Chromatic Induction Seats, 2007.

Carlos Cruz-Diez - Crosswalk, Couleur Additive, 1986. Intervention in urban spaces 1980-1989 series. Cruz-Diez is one of the leading figures of the kinetic art. His plastic proposition reveals that he is one of the latest thinkers of the phenomenon of color. His investigation, based on three chromatic conditions: subtractive, additive and reflexive.

Prada, Nagoya Tower, Nagoya, Japan - Carlos Cruz-Diez

Physichromie (Caracas 1959) The Physichromie is a structure designed to reveal certain circumstances and conditions related to color, changing according to the movement of the viewer and the intensity of the light, and thus projecting color into space to create an evolutionary situation of additive, reflective, and subtractive color.

Cruz Diez, Chromosaturation en la exposición “Carlos Cruz-Diez. Color in Space and Time”, 2011

Cruz Diez, Pasos peatonales de Color Aditivo, 2010

Expo_MFAH_2011.jpg 570×380 pixels

Carlos Cruz-Diez / Color in Space and Time exhibition

Carlos Cruz-Diez

Carlos Cruz-Diez Parque recreativo y cultural Omar, Panama City

Cruz Diez, Color Aditivo, 2012, amazing crossing in Mexico

Carlos Cruz-Diez's amazing colourful crossings in Mexico

Cruz Diez, Physichromie 1159, 1980

Cruz Diez, Physichromie 2301, 1992

Cruz Diez, Couleur Additive, 1970

Cruz Diez, Chromosaturation at the “Environment Chromatic-Interferences. Interactive Space by Carlos Cruz-Diez”, 2010

Cruz Diez, Crosswalks of Additive Color, 2010

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