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I want one. I want one. I want one.

AHahahahaha...I laughed so hard I was crying. There was more, too.

The caption on Tumblr was this: "I don’t think Superwholock would be a good idea. I mean, do you really honestly truly want the writers of Doctor Who, Sherlock and Supernatural in the same room? DO YOU WANT STEVEN MOFFAT NEAR SUPERNATURAL? DO YOU? LOOK ME IN THE EYE AND TELL ME YOU WANT MOFFAT NEAR SUPERNATURAL. NOW ADD IN JOSS WHEDON. LOOK DOWN. BACK UP. EVERYONE YOU LOVE IS DEAD" Yup. Totally true.

Ahahaa....RDJ was asked, "If the Iron Man suit existed in the real-world and you could have it for one day, what would you do?" He responded, "SELL IT!" And then made this face. YOU CAN HEAR THE EVIL LAUGHTER RIGHT THERE.

Well, you don't know me but I am a superhero.

Interview with Colin Morgan and Bradley James

remember when you were younger and getting socks or pajamas for christmas was like the worst most boring present ever, but now it’s like aww yiss motherfucking socks that’s right bitches i got fucking SOCKS get on my feet right now And in that moment I swear we were Dobby. We accept the socks we think we deserve.

so i called the nearby starbucks to see if they were open because my dad wasn’t sure and wanted me to ask so i asked them in gollum’s voice “HELLO IS PRECIOUS OPEN TODAY?” and the guy on the other line replied with “YES PRECIOUS IS OPEN TODAY UNTIL 3 MY PRECIOUS YESSSSSSSS” I FUCKING FLIPPED OUT AND I WAS LAUGHING AND SOBBING AND THE GUY ON THE OTHER LINE ASKED “IS PRECIOUS OKAY”

Maybe Moffat will take pity on us if we show him just how insane we’ve become

if weeping angels only move when you’re not looking, then nobody has ever seen the way they move… so for all we know, they could skip or twirl or aggressively chicken dance toward a person, just really quickly…

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