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Republican Senator fights against clean water ruld, because he knows stuff.

A Kansas woman started a fire in her home to kill a spider!

Sarah Palin, Who Attacked Lois Lerner and Obama For Missing Emails, Also Had Missing Emails June 28, 2014

Image: WCNC :  Drunk North Carolina man accidentally shoots, kills cousin with a sawed-off shotgun

George: Pennsylvania Woman Opens Fire Near Children Playing With Squirt Guns June 24, 2014

Man showing off his gun to friends accidentally Second Amendments himself in the head.......gun-backwards

Man showing off his gun to friends accidentally Second Amendments himself in the head ( One less Tea Billy gun zealot to be worrying about. R.I.P., NRA pawn.)

gun-Bible:  Pastor raffling off AR-15s: ‘I’ll give away 1,000′ guns to ‘get more people to follow Jesus. I don’t care.’June 23, 2014

Louisiana man wrestles with a gator, needs 80 stitches.

What Could Go Wrong: Open Carry Texas To March In Predominately Black Neighborhood

"@anna vanoort: Wakey wakey the banksters are trying to steal all our gold, support #GoldOutOfHiding while you still can #GoldHush #Psyop"

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, John Huppenthal, admits to online trolling and calling the poor "Lazy pigs"

North Carolina Republican switches to Democrats, writes a blistering assessment of the GOP | November 2013

Former tea party congressman taken off air after saying the n word

OCT-kids: Open Carry Texas dorks approach school children, tell them gun control is the same as Jim Crow era. JAIL THESE FOOLS!

Watch: Rick Perry Can’t Explain Why He Compared Gays To Alcoholics

Gun-in-pocket:  Man gets something from his pocket, gun accidentally discharges in WalmartJune 16, 2014By Anomaly

Open Carry Texas Flood Target Carrying Loaded Rifles in Irving, Texas on Saturday.

  • Sunshine Kennedy

    In November 2013, Grisham (one of the leaders of the insanity group) was convicted of interfering with police duties. Because of that conviction, he is ineligible for a CHL in the state of Texas for five years. So while he is not legally allowed to carry a concealed handgun, he is legally allowed to open carry loaded high-capacity weapons in public. ---Now, that makes a lot of sense. The idiot can carry a loaded high-capacity weapon in public. Legally.

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