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Sign outside Craigslist's San Francisco headquarters.

DARPA’s and Harvard's soft robot achieves a glowing effect found in some animals in nature by pumping chemiluminescent solutions through channels in the robot’s color layer.

Nasa Space Shuttle | NASA Preps Space Shuttle Endeavour For Final Flight Across Country To ...

The Mystery Of The Giant Planet Hidden In Our Solar System | TPM Idea Lab - There’s a giant planet right here, hiding in our Solar System. One that nobody has ever seen, even while it is four times larger than Jupiter and has rings and moons orbiting it. At least, that’s what two astrophysicists say.

CERN Discovery Of Unevenly-Decaying Particle Gives Clue Into Why There’s Not More Antimatter Around--I have no idea what they're talking about but that's one cool picture of a really big tube!

Microsoft's 3D scan of Isaac Newton's death mask, which is kept by the Royal Society in London, UK. “There aren’t that many death masks of famous people just lying around,” Haran told TPM via email. “We chose Newton’s because it was one we had access to thanks to the Royal Society.”

Amazon box with Twitter bird superimposed on top. Edited by TPM. Original image by Mike Seyfang, posted to Flickr with CC-by-SA 2.0 license (share alike).

Right To Internet Erasure Protects People’s Freedom To Forget The Past, Says Expert

NASA graphic of the Van Allen radiation belts that surround Earth.

"Apollo Engines Recovered From Atlantic Ocean" TPM (March 20, 2013) founder and CEO Jeff Bezos announced Wednesday that his team, Bezos Expeditions, successfully recovered some of the remains of the F-1 engines that powered the Saturn V rocket, the workhorse of the Apollo lunar missions in the 1960s and…

Apollo Engines Recovered From Atlantic Ocean (PHOTOS)

Apollo Engines Recovered From Atlantic Ocean (PHOTOS) | TPM Idea Lab

Why The Discovery Of The Higgs Boson Is Such A Big Deal

Lockheed Martin's Samarai UAV on a testing field. Awesome.

Venus, seen through the rings of Saturn (photo from the spacecraft Cassini, via NASA).

This artist's concept illustrates a supermassive black hole with millions to billions times the mass of our sun. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Nearly Perfect’ Ultrathin Electric Invisibility Cloak Developed

Google co-founder Sergey Brin wears Google Glass, the Internet company's computerized glasses product, at a developer conference in June 2012.

2/15/13 A massive meteor that exploded over central Russia Friday & left nearly 1,000 people injured was recorded by scores of amateur videographers. The clips — recorded from the dashboards of vehicles, backyards & inside buildings — show an otherworldly beam of light streaking across the sky, with some even capturing the unnerving sound of the blast.

Structure of the Sun

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