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Early Earth less hellish than previously thought

Study finds Great Barrier Reef is an effective wave absorber

New branch added to European family tree

Human faces are so variable because we evolved to look unique

NJIT researchers working to safeguard the shoreline

Tuna fishermen are not happy about proposed marine sanctuary

Global change: Trees continue to grow at a faster rate

New branch added to European family tree

The Role Of Mass Media In Climate Change Skepticism

Harvard Scientists Predict The Future Of The Past Tense

Mantle plumes crack continents In some parts of the Earth, material rises upwards like a column from the boundary layer of the Earth's core and the lower mantel to just below the Earth's crust hundreds of kilometres above. Halted by the resistance of the hard crust and lithospheric mantle, the flow of material becomes wider, taking on a mushroom-like shape. Specialists call these magma columns "mantle plumes" or simply "plumes". Are mantel plumes responsible for the African rift system?

Trinity geologists re-write Earth's evolutionary history books Geologists from Trinity College Dublin have rewritten the evolutionary history books by finding that oxygen-producing life forms were present on Earth some 3 billion years ago - a full 60 million years earlier than previously thought. These life forms were responsible for adding oxygen (O2) to our atmosphere, which laid the foundations for more complex life to evolve and proliferate.

Researchers Studying How Singing Bats Communicate

Zooming in for a safe flight

Nature's tiny engineers

Yellowstone supereruption would send ash across North America

Composition of Earth's mantle revisited

Small variations in the climate system can result in dramatic temperature changes for the first time, a group of researchers (at the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research), have been able to reconstruct these climate changes during the last ice age using a series of model simulations. The surprising finding is that minor variations in the ice sheet size can be sufficient to trigger abrupt climate changes.

CHIKV Challenge Asks Teams to Forecast the Spread of Infectious Disease

World's primary forests on the brink

Bizarre Bird Behavior Predicted By Game Theory

Rotting Body Row As India Mourns Missing Vultures

The Italian navy rescued over 2,700 migrants from boats attempting to cross the Mediterranean from North Africa in one weekend (July/2014); it has saved ~93,000 immigrants from rickety boats since the beginning of the year, but many hundreds die at sea. These people are fleeing extreme hunger, starvation, violence, and conditions that threaten their lives.

The logging and lumber industry - not only in rain forests, but logging takes its toll on mammals and amphibians.

  • WhiteAntelopeStudio Art

    Hopefully you live in a house with no would.

  • PollutionHunter

    You mean 'wood'? For the most part - actually I do live in a non wood house. I live in a desert area that has become a desert, because all the forests were cut down. My house is stucco and cement w/ metal-frame windows. I do have a few recycled items of furniture from wood.

  • WhiteAntelopeStudio Art

    Awesome. Also your spellchecker doesn't arbitrarily hack..

  • PollutionHunter

    My spellchecker is 20+ years as a writer-editor - and thank you so much for the wonderful input - it's really a hard job that we have (all of us) to clean up the toxins and destruction and change our lives to pollute less and not destroy the only planet in our solar system that is habitable - our home. We all have things we need to change. Thank you, White Antelope.

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