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Gingerroot is a key player in anti-inflammatory diet. Save for adding a chunk to the blender or juicer, how do I include it as part of a dish? Curry is my default choice but I would much rather eat it raw to preserve as much nutrients as possible. Yesterday I came across Yotam Ottolenghi’s recipe for Roasted Sweet Potato with Pecans & Maple in his first cookbook. His use of minced gingerroot in the vinaigrette inspired me to create my own version. I rejigged the proportion to feature a lot more ginger, a lot more herbs, a lot less sweet, a lot less oily, and a little bit more spicy. The result? I absolutely love my Herb & Ginger Roasted Sweet Potato! First, that tingly warmth from gingerroot was unmistakable. Although there was not much pecan in the dish, the richness of these nuts contributed plenty to the taste. Smoked...

Nutella Pudding Icebox Cake

Nutella Pudding Icebox Cake

Salad Of Beets, Lentils, Goat Cheese

Nutella Pudding Cup

Nutella Pudding Icebox Cake

Nutella Scones

It’s a great pleasure to discover the works of an author that I really identify with. I was not aware of UK’s Dan Lepard until I recently rummaged through The Guardian in search of Yotam Ottolenghi’s recipes. His weekly column How To Bake is full of quick baking recipes with intriguing twists that make me want to rush to the kitchen. White chocolate banana blondie with brazil nuts toffee? Vegan mocha fig muffin? Pumpkin chocolate mud cake? It’s too bad he is not better known in North America. I wish I had known about his works sooner! Last night I made his Butterscotch Banana Cake with a few very ripe bananas. This quickbread is made special because the bananas chunks are cooked in caramel and butter until they turn to mush. The extra step gives the standard banana cake depths of flavour not just from the butterscotch, but also sweetness...

Butterscotch Banana Cake with Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting

I remember reading somewhere that when pastry chefs' creativity turns awry, things can get ugly very quickly. I guess I had one of those episodes this weekend when I decided to turn a Grand Marnier Flourless Chocolate Cake from gorgeous to ghastly in honour of Halloween. The cake is adapted from the Grandmother's Creamy Chocolate Cake in Dorie Greenspan's Paris Sweets. This is actually a very delicious and rich tasting cake with a strong Grand Marnier kick. Even the shiny chocolate glaze is flavoured with the same liqueur. Want more cringe-inducing dessert ideas? dismembered fingers cupcakes open wound plum kuchen lizard’s eyeballs Zombie Cake serves 10 Ingredients cake 230g unsalted butter, cut into small pieces 230g bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped 150g sugar 4 large eggs, room temperature 2 tablespoons Grand Marnier zest from 1 large orange 35g all-purpose flour glaze 255g bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped 232g heavy cream 1 tablespoon...

Mini Gingerbread Village | Dessert By Candy

Mini Gingerbread Village | Dessert By Candy

Mini Gingerbread Village at Dessert By Candy

Easier gingerbread centerpiece: a mini gingerbread village at Dessert By Candy

Here is a dessert I learned to make as a kid and updated with adult sensibility. Native Hong Kong cuisine has a lot of fusion dishes with equal parts ...

Nutella icebox cake

I didn’t know there’s a World Nutella Day until last year which fans of the hazelnut cocoa spread celebrate the deliciousness of the versatile Nutella. It’s a no brainer that I choose to celebrate by making a couple of delectable desserts. This is only part 1 of my contribution. Don’t forget to check out part 2 with the most girlish buckeyes you’ve ever seen! I rarely make dessert that involves “open packages X and Y and pile them in the same plate”. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the convenience of such creations. It’s just not culinary challenging to interest me. That is the reason why I never made icebox cakes until today. Obviously, I’m not thinking of the standard chocolate wafers and whipped cream concoction. Taking a cue from my favourite cookie, what if the icebox cake consists of layers of graham crackers softened with Nutella pudding? The softened...

Canning and preserving is fun but the cost of buying high quality fruit can add up quickly especially if you cannot resist the allure of more unusual varieties. Last night I picked up my weekly CSA share from Kawartha Ecological Growers and guess what I saw? Two half-pint containers of tiny black raspberries! Each berry is about the size of my pinky nail and it looks like a miniscule blackberry. Make no mistake, they taste nothing like blackberries. I would describe the taste as intensely ...

Pumpkin Almond Cake with Almond Butter Frosting

Herb & Ginger Roasted Sweet Potato

Cherry Cheesecake In A Jar

One-Bite Buttermilk Biscuit wtih Pimento Cheese & Bourbon Pickled Jalapeno at Dessert By Candy

Butterscotch Banana Pudding at Dessert By Candy

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