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Stuffed Batbout with hot dogs-بطبوط معمر/Batbout Farcis aux saucisses

Beef Tagine with Plums/Tajine de boeuf aux pruneaux طاجين بلحم البقر Sousoukitchen

Red Velvet Cupcakes-Valentine's Special/Recette de la Saint-Valentin -Sousoukitchen

Easter Brioche/Brioche de Paques-Sousoukitchen

Poppy seed Knots / Pain Brioché aux Graines de Pavot-Sousoukitchen

Valentin's Heart Cake/Gateau Coeur Saint Valentin-Sousoukitchen

Briwat with Almonds/Briouat aux Amandes-Sousoukitchen

Strawberry Jam/Confiture de fraise مربى الفراولة Sousoukitchen

Mhencha with Homemade Fillo Dough/Mhencha avec feuille de pastille maison-Sousoukitchen

Jben-Moroccan Fresh Cheese-وصفة الجبن/Fromage Frais Marocain-Sousoukitchen

Mini Pizza - Sousoukitchen

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake/Gateau Renversé d'ananas-Sousoukitchen

Potato Bread/Pain de Pomme de Terre-Sousoukitchen

Stuffed Crepes with Chicken/Crepes Farcies au Poulet-Ramadan Special-Sousoukitchen

Ciabatta Bread / Pain Ciabatta-Sousoukitchen

Selou,Zamita,Sfouf Spéciale Ramadan-Sousoukitchen

Homemade Fillo Dough/Feuilles de Pastille Maison-Ramadan Spécial-Sousoukitchen

Sheep Legs (Kor3en)- El Eid Recipe