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Classic Comfort Food Recipes

Hearty, delicious, and traditional Southern fare that's good for the soul.

"Some Like It Hot" Pimiento Cheese Sandwich | Grill the mother of all pimiento cheese sandwiches by adding bacon and strawberry preserves for a sweet and cheesy treat. Better plan on second helpings—it’s that good! |

13 Ways with Pimiento Cheese

Mini Berry Cobblers | Use a mixture of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries in these charming individual desserts. |

14 Festive Mini Appetizers

Lattice Pie Crust | Make the perfect lattice pie crust with this easy step-by-step technique. |

The City and The Country Mac and Cheese | Smoky cubes of brined city ham and salty bits of country ham give this main-course mac its name and savory appeal. Pasta enrobed with a creamy sauce and melting pockets of gooey cheese take it over the top. |

15 Oven Lovin' Baked Pasta Recipes

Carol Fay's Famous Meatloaf | Named for the late great and head biscuit maker at Nashville's Loveless Cafe and Motel, this moist meatloaf recipe is a perfect bite of Southern hospitality. |

Secret Recipes from the South's Best Dives

Apple Pie | Fruit pies are the most popular dishes at Greensboro's most famous eatery, PieLab. Learn to make this sweet apple pie. |

Secret Recipes from the South's Best Dives

Lemon, Orzo, and Meatball Soup | This hearty twist on chicken noodle soup features small grains of orzo pasta and savory chicken meatballs. |

51 Satisfying Soups & Stews

Spiced Beef Stew with Sweet Potatoes | A chuck roast paired with sweet potatoes and butternut squash will hit the spot on the chilliest winter nights. |

51 Satisfying Soups & Stews

Chicken and Cornbread Dumplings | Make a classic chicken and dumplings recipe even more Southern by topping the vegetable-and-chicken-packed stew with cornbread dumplings. |

51 Satisfying Soups & Stews

Quick Beef Chili | Rich, beefy petite tender, the quick-cooking foundation of this stew and a supermarket steak cut from shoulder, looks and tastes like tenderloin but costs a third of the price. |

51 Satisfying Soups & Stews

Butternut Squash Tortilla Soup | From the kitchen of Russell Van Kraayenburg, Houston, Texas, "Wherever this soup came from, I'm sure glad it's become a Tex-Mex staple. I like to give it a winterized twist by adding a big ol' helping of butternut squash." |

51 Satisfying Soups & Stews

Tex-Mex Chicken Chili with Lime | Store-bought rotisserie chicken shortcuts the cook time, while white ale adds spice, body, and flavor. |

51 Satisfying Soups & Stews

Company Pot Roast with Creamy Mushroom Grits | Bacon, garlic, and red wine imbue humble chuck roast with robust character and rich beef-bourguignon flavor as the meat transforms in the slow cooker. |

101 Best Comfort Food Classics

King Ranch Chicken Mac and Cheese | All the flavors of a favorite casserole come together in the comfort of mac and cheese. Serve this dish to your family, and it will become a quick favorite. |

101 Best Comfort Food Classics

Company Pot Roast with Creamy Mushroom Grits | With the sudden burst of wintry weather, now is the perfect time for pot roast |

Sunday Supper: Pot Roast

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Southern Cooking Academy

Cheesy Cornbread | Sharp Cheddar cheese melts into a homemade buttermilk batter to create a creamy, savory version of a Southern classic. |

Savory Cornbread Recipes

Sweet Potato Cornbread | Sandwich your favorite barbecue topped with Pickled Peppers & Onions between slices of the cornbread for a change of pace, or serve alongside your favorite meal as you would regular cornbread. |

Savory Cornbread Recipes

Zucchini, Squash, and Corn Casserole | Soft, white breadcrumbs double as a feather-light binder and golden crumb topping. | #Recipes |

Summer Squash Casserole
  • Mary Hardwick

    Sounds yummy and a great recipe to have since all these veggies are coming in at the same time.

  • Joycelyn Clifton

    I love squash, cheese and most of all CORN!!! I'll be making this!

Chefs Comfort Food Cook-Off | Meatloaf-and-Mashed Potato Sandwiches | Poole's Diner; Raleigh, NC "This dish is packed with familiar notes that give you that warm-in-your-belly feeling. The loaded mashed potatoes are definitely a harbinger of comfort, and the tangy tomato gravy balances out the recipe." —Ashley Christensen

Chefs' Comfort Food Cook-Off
  • Shrinking On A Budget Meal Plans

    I "lightened" this delicious concept up for my Shrinking On a Budget Meal Plans by using my lightened up mealoaf recipe, skinny mashed potatoes, and serving it on light bread (open faced). I also reduced the amount of bacon in the sauce. I will say that I tried the original recipe first and it was (of course) fabulous, but the lightened up version was quite tasty too!

Chefs Comfort Food Cook-Off | Red Beans & Rice | Lilette Restaurant; New Orleans, LA "Red beans and rice is something everybody in Louisiana enjoys, especially at parties or festivals. The recipe's not complicated, but like a lot of classic comfort foods, it takes time to do it right. And that's what I love about it. I really like to invest the time to let the flavors develop. That's comfort." —John Harris

Chefs' Comfort Food Cook-Off