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Hot Cross Buns for Easter Weekend | Bake nutmeg-and-cinnamon-spiced Hot Cross Buns for a treat your guests will love! |

Hot Cross Buns for Easter Weekend

Heavenly Angel Food Cake | The rich, moist texture of this divine angel food cake is unlike any other. Made from scratch in minutes, it's spread with frosting that's a lemon lover's dream. |

Divine Easter Desserts

Ham-and-Fontina Sourdough Sandwiches | Pair this fresh sandwich with an easy side salad for a light, midafternoon Easter snack. |

An Afternoon Easter Party

Green Tea-Honeysuckle Cake | Spring-green ribbons of matcha-flavored batter and a homemade honeysuckle glaze elevate a basic vanilla butter cake to gourmet status. Bonus: It tumbles from the pan perfectly fluted and party ready. |

Divine Easter Desserts

Strawberries and Cream Cake | We used 6 (8-inch) disposable aluminum foil cake pans, so we could fill all the pans at once. This way, if you bake the layers in batches, the second batch is ready to go in the oven as soon as the first is done. |

Divine Easter Desserts

Lemon-Dill Chicken Salad-Stuffed Eggs | Give this Southern favorite fresh flavor by adding dill and shredded chicken. Stacked white cake stands decorated with colored paper napkins create a snappy yet casual centerpiece. |

Lemon-Dill Chicken Salad-Stuffed Eggs

Bunny Tail Bonbons | Package these white chocolate-cheesecake truffles in clear plastic boxes as a sweet takeaway for guests. Chilled, they'll keep for one week. |

Divine Easter Desserts

Plant an Easter Basket | Golden club moss grows flat and covers the soil like a shimmering chartreuse blanket underneath the leafy hostas. This shade-loving mix provides a medley of foliage from spring till summer. |

Easter-Egg Shortbread Cookies | Because a large batch of the dough is tricky to work with, we don't recommend doubling this recipe. |

Festive Easter Meal Ideas

Kid's Easter Centerpiece | Nestle a white chocolate bunny in a glass bowl filled with dried peas for a playful arrangement during dinner and a tasty treat once the table is cleared. |

Festive Easter Meal Ideas

Printable Easter Bingo | Keep the kids entertained with a round of our Easter Bingo, using jelly beans as the markers. Print your own Easter Bingo cards at |

Printable Easter Bingo

Easter Flowers | Decorate your Easter table with colorful blooms, candies, and bunnies. Hide the flowers' container with moss for a fresh, Spring look. |

Spring Table Settings and Centerpieces

Easter Favors | Here's a fun take on an Easter basket for adults. Fill custom L.L. Bean tote bags (visit to design your own; $39.95 and up) with an abundance of bundled tulips. Grouped on a sideboard, the "baskets" become a pretty part of the decoration. |

Festive Easter Meal Ideas

Pumpernickel Tea Sandwiches | Smear a bit of herb-flavored egg salad on these dainty sandwiches and top them with arugula and radishes. |

Easy & Elegant Tea Sandwiches

Salmon-Cucumber Tea Sandwiches | Make pretty mosaics with our all-purpose cream cheese spread and layering method. Salmon and cucumber make for a refreshing and delicious pairing. |

Easy & Elegant Tea Sandwiches