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Create a Stunning Fall Hydrangea Arrangement | Make a statement with an easy, long-lasting fall bouquet.

Create a Stunning Fall Hydrangea Arrangement
  • Faustina Foust

    Hi @Southern Living , I think "Designing Women" is a great board and I would be very happy if I could get the chance to be a member of this group board and share my pins with you all. Please send me an invitation. Thanks :)

Grow a Bounty of Flavor with Asian Pear Trees | You may have never heard of Asian pears, but once you've tasted one, you'll want your own tree so you can have all the fruit you can eat.

Grow a Bounty of Flavor with Asian Pear Trees

Grow Your Own Tuscan Kale | Here are our best tips for growing these tasty, nutritious greens just in time for fall.

Grow Your Own Tuscan Kale

Bursts of colorful flowers, including purple coneflower, violet cranesbill, blue catmint, and white and lavender phlox, punctuate the boxwood hedges and sculptural obelisks.

Colorful Cottage Garden

Warm and Cheerful Trio | Heat-tolerant geraniums, calibrachoas, and mecardonias in bright red, yellow, and purple shout a welcome in a cheerful way. |

101 Container Gardening Ideas

Beat the Heat | The ideal focal point or space filler in an area that receives full to partial sun, this container is filled with 'Baby Tut' dwarf papyrus, elephant's ear, 'Blackie' sweet potato vine, and 'Vogue Audrey' mandevilla. |

101 Container Gardening Ideas

Get Growing! Delicious Summer Squash | Grow fresh, tender summer squash all season long right in your own backyard. |

Get Growing! Delicious Summer Squash

Elephant's Ear Plant Care | Listen up: Make room in your summer garden for the dazzling tropical beauty of elephant’s ears. |

Elephant's Ear Plant Care

Chicken Coop | Backyard chickens are all the rage, because people crave fresh eggs as much as homegrown veggies. |

Dream Garden! It Even Has a Chicken Coop

Create a Summer-Ready Backyard!

18 Ways to Get Your Backyard Ready for Summer

Romantic Stair Step Pots | 'Caliente Pink' geraniums, 'Surfinia Rose Veined' petunias, and 'Techno Heat Light Blue' lobelias create a soft and feminine color palette for this doorstep welcome. |

101 Container Gardening Ideas

The South's most seductive vine, wisteria makes us swoon one week and swear the next. The key to success is curbing its enthusiasm. Here's how. |

Wisteria Pruning 101
  • Mandy Pierce

    My neighbor's wisteria took over my yard. I am slowly but surely pulling up the basket weave of vines. If I never see a wisteria vine again I'll be very happy.

  • Judi Pyles

    They are so beautiful and smells so good

Cottage Courtyard Garden | These up-front flowers are woven into a tapestry of shrubs, roses, natives, herbs, and vines transforming the front yard of this Tudor cottage from boring to charming. |

The South's Best Gardens

Flowers That Plant Themselves | Sure, they're called annuals, but buy their seeds once, and you'll have blooms year after year. Check out our favorite blooms that come back. |

Flowers That Plant Themselves

Pick the Perfect Garden Container | Whether you're a container-gardening novice or you'd like to expand your existing collection, our simple guide will help you select a planter. |

Pick the Perfect Garden Container

The Secluded Garden | This small, secluded garden, tucked into trees and shrubs two steps up from the terrace, is a garden within a garden. Splashing water from a fountain and a color scheme centered on white, chartreuse, and green make it feel cool and private. |

The South's Best Gardens

Reflecting Pool | Water lilies, lotuses, underwater anacharis, and water hyacinths thrive in the 22-inch-deep reflecting pool, keeping the water cool while removing the nitrogen that the goldfish and frogs leave behind. |

Tour a Classical Virginia Garden

Classical Virginia Garden | A proper upbringing is one way to describe garden design tradition in Virginia. Its symmetrically planned allées and vista views have a pedigree back to the ancients. Who can argue with several millennia of success or Jefferson's own lasting local touch? |

The South's Best Gardens