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Reflecting Pool | Water lilies, lotuses, underwater anacharis, and water hyacinths thrive in the 22-inch-deep reflecting pool, keeping the water cool while removing the nitrogen that the goldfish and frogs leave behind. |

Classical Virginia Garden | A proper upbringing is one way to describe garden design tradition in Virginia. Its symmetrically planned allées and vista views have a pedigree back to the ancients. Who can argue with several millennia of success or Jefferson's own lasting local touch? |

Raise your own veggies right out back! Here's how to start your own kitchen garden |

Terra-cotta or fiberglass? Whether you're a container-gardening novice or you'd like to expand your existing collection, our simple guide will help you select a planter. |

How To Keep Cut Hydrangeas From Wilting | Keep these gorgeous flowers wilt free with our tried-and-true secrets. |

Pink Nature-Inspired Planters | The natural hues of the sweet potato vine and pennisetum make the trio of pink geraniums, petunias, and angelonias pop. |

Warm and Cheerful Trio | Heat-tolerant geraniums, calibrachoas, and mecardonias in bright red, yellow, and purple shout a welcome in a cheerful way. |

Precocious Daffodils | In the South, the golden trumpets of daffodils announce the arrival of Spring. |

Grow an Assortment of Tomatoes | You can enjoy tomato varieties in a virtual crayon box of bold colors. Different hues offer distinctive flavors, so try the whole spectrum. |

Plant Fresh Wildflowers | Unlike daffodils from Europe and spider lilies from Japan, the South's true wildflowers were born on our ground. |

  • Lisa Bartlett

    I get excited every spring to see the bluebonnets lining the Texas roads.

Handcrafted Garden Container Centerpiece | To complement the green-and-white glaze of the vintage Ozark tourist pottery, we combined 'Solenia Salmon Coral' begonia with 'Kent Beauty' ornamental oregano, asparagus fern, and angel vine. |

Bountiful Buds | Branches from quinces, forsythias, cherries, deciduous magnolias, redbuds, and pears can be coaxed into bloom. |

Show Off Winter Color With Primroses | Nothing beats the cool-weather blooms of primroses in vibrant hues. |

Shady Outdoor Dining Room | A delightful tangle of crossvine and star jasmine quickly cover this arbor, providing cooling shade. |

Camellia Windowsill | Common camellia (Camellia japonica) is the queen of the Southern winter garden, with big, luscious blooms. |

Mix and Match Topiary Tree Sizes | Combine several English ivy topiaries and a clipped lemon cypress to accent a garden table. Mix spirals, globes, columns, and lollipop shapes of varying heights. Unify the look with terra-cotta pots. |

Take It Easy with Air Plants | Create a miniature winter garden with ethereal air plants—no soil required! |

Create a miniature winter garden with ethereal air plants—no soil required! |

Try a Rosemary Topiary | Rosemary prefers to live outside but can last the winter indoors. |

Choose the Right Pot | Craft a harmonious display by planting in a well-proportioned container. |

Create an Ideal Environment | Condition myrtle topiaries with bright light and a moderate temperature. Mist plants often. Heating systems can dry out air and plants. |

Try It Inside | Fill the void once occupied by holiday decor with this quick fix from your garden center. |

Rotate Your Collection | Keep plants healthy, no matter where they're displayed. It's a good idea to have two pairs, because while one is on show, the other can be pampered. |