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Test Kitchen Tips & Tricks

Cooking how-tos and advice from the most trusted kitchen in the South.

The Best Way to Clean Collards | Southern Living

Only Salad Dressing You'll Ever Need | Forget the bottled stuff, you'll never look back once you shake up a Mason jar full of this tasty (and oh-so-easy) lemon vinaigrette salad dressing.

Our expert tips on how to flawlessly peel and pit peaches

The Best Way to Shape a Meatloaf | Ditch the loaf pan and go freeform for the tastiest meatloaf you’ve ever made.

How To Cook Black-Eyed Peas | Field pea season has arrived, but you won't need luck when it comes to fixing black eyed peas to perfection. We're sharing our prep secrets for this Southern classic.

How to Make Creamed Corn | There are a few essential ingredients for delicious creamed corn: the freshest cobs, a handy corn creamer, and time. Don't worry, this Southern classic is well worth the wait.

Southern Secret Ingredient: Ham Hocks | We've got the secret to smokin' Deep South flavor. From collard greens to red beans and rice, ham hocks are the perfect addition to whatever you're cooking.

The Best Way to Roast Potatoes | Our tips for perfectly oven roasted potatoes will catapult these crunchy, golden spuds to go-to-side status.

Heavy Cream vs. Whipping Cream | Ever wonder which cream is the best pie topper? How about whether or not you can swap one cream for another? We'll give you the skinny on these dairy dilemmas and more in our heavy cream vs. whipping cream showdown.

Secrets to Poaching Eggs | Think eggs Benedict is strictly a brunch-out dish? Think again! We're demystifying poached egg prep—and you'll be cooking up these little beauties to perfection in no time.

Best-Ever Scrambled Eggs | There's no secret ingredient in our eggs, just a few tricks of the trade that will take your mornings from average to egg-cellent.

How to Fry an Egg | There may be a million and one ways to fry an egg but, we'll let you in on a little secret, ours is the best.

Meatball making just got a whole lot easier. See which unlikely tool we use to ensure our meatballs hold their shape and come out perfectly tasty every time.

5 Kitchen Gadgets We Can't Live Without!

5 Kitchen Gadgets Every Southerner Should Own
  • Carolyn Haggerty

    Dang it! I saw one of these corn shavers at a yard sale brand new and passed it up. Can they still be found?

Put Up Your Peas! | We love seasonal field peas so much, we think they should be enjoyed year round. Use this test kitchen tip for freezing field peas in your kitchen and enjoy these little treasures for months to come. |

How To Boil Eggs | Like steak, eggs have different degrees of doneness. Boiling eggs is all about the timing. Here in the Test Kitchen we cooked dozens of eggs in search of the most consistently tender whites and evenly cooked yolks. |

How To Boil Eggs

How To Boil Eggs | Use our tips to learn how to boil and peel eggs so that they come out perfectly every time.

How To Boil Eggs

▶ Easy Ways to Freeze Soups & Stews | Brr it's getting cold out there! Learn the best way to freeze big batches of soups and stews with these easy steps. |

Two-Alarm Deep Fried Turkey | Whether adorning your holiday table or pleasing a crowd for a party, learn how to deep-fry your own turkey in four steps. |

How To Deep-Fry Turkey

Make a perfect pie with these simple steps to fit a homemade or refrigerated crust. |

How To Fit a Pie Crust

Easy Freezer Meals | Use this simple, plan-ahead cooking strategy to save time and money with your freezer. |

Easy Freezer Meals

How To Freeze Soup | Leftover soup will last up to 3 days in the fridge or up to 1 month in the freezer. Follow these steps on how to freeze soup so you'll be set all winter long. |

How To Freeze and Store Soup

The Easiest Way to Freeze Casseroles | This tip on how to freeze a casserole will free up your baking dishes and help you stock your freezer with ease. |

How To Make Biscuits from Scratch

How To Make Biscuits

Learn how to carve a chicken with this easy step-by-step guide.

How To Carve a Chicken