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Find classic Southern dessert recipes and new favorites from the brand you trust.

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Buttermilk Bundt Cake | Buttermilk replaces sour cream in our twist on a not-too-sweet bundt cake.

Buttermilk Breakfast Cake

Mississippi Mud Cake | Imagine the richest, darkest, most indulgent chocolate dessert you’ve ever eaten. Now add some marshmallows, and you've got this decadent yet simple-to-bake cake.

Mississippi Mud Cake

Caramel-Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars | Chocolate and caramel are the perfect combination for these cookie bars.

Caramel-Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Mocha Frosting | Fabulously rich Chocolate Chunk-Mocha Cookies are simple enough for the most novice of bakers. After the cookies cool completely, spread with Mocha Frosting.

Chocolate Chunk-Mocha Cookies

Mississippi Mud Cookies | Rich chocolate and ooey-gooey marshmallows give these cookies their savory sweetness.

Mississippi Mud Cookies

Brownie Cookies | You'll love how these scrumptious double-chocolate cookies are similar in taste and texture to thick and fudgy brownies.

Brownie Cookies

Cappuccino Frosted Brownies Recipes | Readers give these decadent frosted brownies five stars. You'll know why after just one bite.

Cappuccino-Frosted Brownies

Mocha-Espresso Cream Pie | This pie is a chocolate-lover's dream. A crunchy cookie crust is filled with a decadent chocolate filling before being topped off with Coffee Whipped Cream.

Mocha-Espresso Cream Pie

Peanut Butter-Toffee Turtle Cookies | These turtle cookies have every indulgent flavor we could pack in a recipe: chocolate, peanut butter, caramel, and toffee. You’re already baking a batch, aren’t you?

Peanut Butter-Toffee Turtle Cookies

Caramel Apple Coffee Cake | This cake is down-home delicious and so easy you won't believe you started from scratch.

Caramel Apple Coffee Cake

Honey Flans | An elegant make-ahead dessert, these custards sing with faint floral notes and sweet honey. |

15 Buzzworthy Honey Recipes

Cupcake Recipes: Lemon Curd-Filled Angel Food Cupcakes

Our Favorite Showstopping Cupcakes

Caramel Apple Dip | A sugary spin on a cream cheese classic with a crisp bruléed topping.

Caramel Apple Dip

Classic Chess Pie | You can’t get more basic than chess pie. Remarkable for its simplicity and timeless appeal, chess pie is the ultimate Southern pantry pie.

101 Best Comfort Food Classics

All-Time Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies | If chocolate chip cookies are your favorite cookies, this recipe make soon become your favorite.

101 Best Comfort Food Classics

Instant Watermelon Pops | Serve pops a variety of ways: Sprinkle with flavored salts and freshly ground pepper, drizzle with local honey and fresh lime juice, dust with red pepper, or add a splash of schnapps. | #Recipes |

23 Best Watermelon Recipes

Mint-Honeydew Ice | This creamier cousin of sorbet makes a perfect palate cleanser. You can also scoop it into a glass or paper cone and top with a glug of rum or bourbon for a play on a frozen mint julep. | #Recipes |

41 Summer Farmers' Market Recipes

Serve these bourbon-soaked plums with a side of vanilla ice cream at your next get-together.

Get Fired Up for a Family Cookout

Recipe: Mississippi Mud Cake | | #Chocolate

Wickedly Delicious Chocolate Desserts

Recipe: Brownie Tiramisù | | #Chocolate

Wickedly Delicious Chocolate Desserts

Recipe: Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies | | #Chocolate

Wickedly Delicious Chocolate Desserts

Recipes: Candy Bar Pie | | #Chocolate

Wickedly Delicious Chocolate Desserts

Chocolate Fudge Brownies | | #Chocolate

Wickedly Delicious Chocolate Desserts

Recipe: Chocolate Chubbies | | #Chocolate

Wickedly Delicious Chocolate Desserts

Recipe: Mocha-Pecan Mud Pie | | #Chocolate

Where is my dessert: Mocha-Pecan Mud Pie