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Valentine's Day

Treat your sweetie to one of these wonderful Valentine's Day treats - from decadent desserts to romantic Southern getaways to fresh-picked flower arrangements.

A rosy china pattern is transformed into a romantic outfit—perfect for Valentine's day! |

Romantic Rose Pattern Outfit | Everything is coming up roses with this charming look inspired by the romantic Johnson Brothers' Rose Chintz-Pink pattern ( |

Homemade Chocolate-Dipped Caramels | The hot caramel mixture needs to be poured immediately after stirring in vanilla, so be sure to butter your pan ahead of time. |

Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two | Skip the prix fixe menus and the subpar food of restaurants on Valentine’s Day! Instead, express your love with a a dinner for two in the comfort of your own home. Making a special Valentine’s Day meal is as easy as lighting candles with our delicious menu. |

Chocolate Shortbread Cake | This dessert, prepped in just 30 minutes, is all about the crisp cookies and luscious chocolate. |

Camellia Windowsill | Common camellia (Camellia japonica) is the queen of the Southern winter garden, with big, luscious blooms. Camellia’s heavy flowers like a little support and work best floating in shallow bowls or displayed in short, heavy vases or pitchers. |

Nandina Heart Shaped Wreath | Gather, wrap, and wire—it’s as simple as that. Nandina berries are at their peak, so warm your welcome with a bright wreath made with love. |

Bow Ties | Lumina Clothing, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, designs dapper bow ties in cheerful patterns and bold shades of crimson. |

Strawberry-Pretzel Icebox Pie | Not only is this a gorgeous dessert, but the combination of salt from the crushed pretzels and sweetness from the strawberries makes this recipe irresistible. |

Chocolate-Espresso Pots de Crème | It cannot get much better when chocolate and coffee are in the same dessert. Top this treat with edible flowers for the perfect touch. Take your pick at crystallizedflowe.... |

Strawberry Cream Pie | A dark-chocolate crust and jewel-bright berries brushed with jelly turn this down-home pie into company-worthy fare. |

Chocolate Shortbread Cake | This dessert, prepped in just 30 minutes, is all about the crisp cookies and luscious chocolate. |

Red Velvet Layer Cake | The way to anyone's heart is this decadently crimson layer cake, stacked tall for an even more impressive dessert.

Red Velvet Madeleines | For this majestically elevated dessert, make four batches of the madeleines recipe.

Askinosie Chocolate | Shawn Askinosie makes 42,000 pounds of chocolate annually sourced from farmers he personally meets on four continents.

Potomac Chocolate | Working from his home workshop, Ben Rasmussen produces about 500 artisan chocolate bars a week.

Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Company | Chef Scott Witherow uses brown sugar, molasses, and a stone grinding process much like the one used to make grits.

French Broad Chocolates | Truffle pros Jael and Dan Rattigan are now making from-scratch chocolate, some with a newly rediscovered Peruvian heirloom bean.

Cacao Atlanta Chocolate Company | Kristen Hard ditched law school to open Cacao in 2004, and four years later became the female pioneer of bean-to-bar chocolate.

Escazú Artisan Chocolates | Former chef Hallot Parson is committed to sourcing his beans only from Latin America, where cacao originated.

Heart Sugar Cookies | These tiny, iced "Heart 2 Heart" Valentine's Day cookies, rolled and cut by hand in Bethesda, Maryland, have a subtle almond flavor.

  • Maria Creekmore

    I'm going to bake these as a "gift" for an office downtown/Valentines' Day!