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Not really a gardening book but it is mighty interesting. For example, did you know that because of the pineapple we now have greenhouses? This book is full of facts like that. $19.77

Anybody who can write with enthousiasme about growing your own is a hero. James Wong's new book Homegrown revolution is definitely worth it. Want to grow something new and exiting then this is the book for you.

Mini Farming Guide to Fermenting: Self-Sufficiency from Beer and Cheese to Wine and Vinegar (Mini Farming Guides). Now this sounds like an interesting book. Do it yourself booze making from crops you have grown yourself. I can't wait to get started! $9.65

American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America. Do I really need to tell you why you should get this book? Okay I will then. In these times of obesity and junk food First Lady Michelle Obama shows us that growing food is fun. Of all the things she could have done in her time at the White House she choose to grow food and educate us on the importance of fresh vegetables. For that reason only she is a hero. $17.75

I just bought this book and on page one I read this; Did you know that there are genes in plants that we also have in our DNA. Fascinating, can't wait to read the rest of the book. $15.17

An inspirational book about a man (Will Allen) who bought an urban farm and is now providing food for more then 10.000 people while educating people about the importance of good food. $17.14

This is one of the first books I got when I started gardening. Bob Flowerdew ( what is in a name...) explains it all for the novice organic gardener. Really..He does! $9.95

A few years ago I saw one season on tv of the Edible Garden and I loved it. Alys Fowler is amazing. She combines growing vegetables with an pleasing to the eye garden. She is crafty and thrifty and knows a lot about foraging. Well worth it to check out her books! $21.24

Sepp Holzer knows everything about permaculture!! He is one of the first ones to start growing and living the permaculture way. If you want to know more then this is the book for you. $19.77

If you have a balcony, window sill or small garden then Fern Richardson has amazing idea's for growing wonderful herbs, flowers, vegetables and many more. Fern Richardson knows all about container gardening!! $13.57

I love books that give you ideas what you can do with the produce you have grown yourself and use the produce to be a bit more adventurous in the kitchen. $19.77

After reading this book I can hardly wait to get a polytunnel. Here in this temperate climate it will be a necessity. Mark Gatter & Andy McKee give all the basic information you need for growing in a polytunnel. Especially the part on when to grow which vegetables and fruits is just what a novice polytunnel grower needs because the growing world inside is somewhat different from the vegetable plot outside. $14.56

Very interesting! We are really thinking of giving this a try once we have our polytunnel. $19.77

Gayla's first book is the reason I started gardening in my 2x2 meter urban garden. $11.55

What a beautiful book, if you want to feel happy then just leave it in sight and flip through it when you need some inspiration in the garden and the kitchen. $39.95

The Queen of Herbs has written a cookbook! WANT! $19.25

My copy has dirt stains, page markers and is showing wear and tear. As usual this River Cottage book written by head gardener Marc Diacono is to get people enthusiastic by growing their own food by giving lots of helpful not overcomplicated tips compared with beautiful photo's and mouthwatering recipes you can make from the produce you have grown yourself. EXCELLENT! $21.09

If you want to be self-sufficient with growing your own vegetables and fruits then this is the book to buy!! $13.57