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Maxi Colors-to-Go eyeshadow from the 80's. Oh my gosh. I bought so many of these!

Max Factor's Maxi Colors-to-Go - a photo on Flickriver

Roll-Top style pencil box...I remember these...

  • Author Anna Kavanaugh

    lol wowwwww.... Now there's a blast from the past! xo

  • Tammy

    Yes! But it was just awful when one side of the frosted plastic thine came of its track. I mean, your day was RUINED.

That's Incredible! on ABC ('80-'84) #80s

  • Tammy

    He was! I can still remember stories featured on this show. I wish there was still something like it on tv!

  • Spacerbunny

    I remember freaking out after they did a story about the mites that live on your eyelashes. Still creeps me out to this day.

  • Tammy

    I totally remember that story! They videoed John Davidson sleeping. The other one I remember was a story about the Wichester House. It stuck with me that I went there in September, probably 30 years after the story.

  • Violet Blue

    OMG!!! I totally remember the story about the Winchester house! That's....Incredible!!!

  • Tammy

    I went on YouTube yesterday and started watching clips...

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My dad brought home boxes of this stuff to draw on. My childhood memories are written on this paper.