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Fighter jets breaking the Sound Barrier

Fighter jets breaking the Sound Barrier (16 pics)
  • Katie W.

    Is that what it really looks like when that happens?

Google Army Oct 24, 2008 25311 Google's Very Own Fighter Jet

B-36 Peacemaker Span: 230 feet Length: 162 feet, 1 inches Height: 46 feet, 9 inches Weight: 410,000 pounds loaded Armament: Sixteen M24 20mm cannon in eight nose, tail and fuselage turrets, 86,000 pounds of conventional or nuclear bombs Engine: Six Pratt & Whitney B 4360s of 3,800 horsepower and four General Electric J47s of 5,200 pounds thrust each Maximum speed: 435 mph Cruising speed: 230 mph Range: 10,000 miles Service ceiling: 45,700 feet

Type: Strategic heavy bomber prototype Engine: 4 Pratt & Whitney R4360-17/25 radial piston Crew: 7 Speed: 391 mph. Range: 2,500 miles Ceiling: 40,000 ft. Max Weight: 209,000 lb. Height: 20 ft. 1 in. Armament: 20 machine guns in seven barbettes, and up to 10,000 lb of bombs

Military Aircraft - F-16