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I've been mildly obsessed with Titanic since I read A Night to Remember when I was quite young, so a Titanic pinboard makes sense...

TITANIC'S STEEL DOOR: This was the door First Class passengers would have gone through to board Titanic for Her maiden voyage.

Titanic's Steel Door

Edwina Troutt : A Titanic survivor who died in 1984. She was 27 years old when she survived the Titanic sinking, was a beloved guest at Titanic conventions and continued to attend even into her late 90s. She died in California at the age of 100. Edwina never let the Titanic sinking spook her: She made several Atlantic crossings throughout her life.

The Snyders who both survived the sinking of the Titanic. Lucky people!

Titanic: Never-Before-Seen Pics

William McMaster Murdoch – the first mate. It was he who carried the watch, and was unable to prevent a collision with an iceberg. William Murdoch was killed along with the Titanic.

Goodbye to the Emigrants One of Frank Browne's last photographs of Titanic, taken at Queenstown (Cobh) on 11 April, 1912. He sent this picture to the Odell family and it is sometimes erroneously attributed to them. The twelve photographs taken by the Odells, who disembarked with Frank Browne at Queenstown, are the only other surviving pictures taken of Titanic taken by maiden voyagers.

Captain Smith photographed by a newspaper photographer on the bridge of the Titanic. Southampton, April 1912. A Engine Telegraph is visible in the background.

"A wealthy, single socialite, Edith was 36 years old when she boarded the Titanic. On board she befriended a 59 year old wife and mother named Caroline Brown. The two women were among the throng trying to reach a lifeboat as the Titanic sank. When only one space remained, Edith pushed Caroline forward saying “You go first, you have children waiting at home.” Edith was one of four first class women to perish in the sinking of the Titanic. Her body has never been recovered."

Titantic's assistant surgeon Dr John Simpson. His body was recovered and buried in Nova Scotia.

This Great Dane owned by Ann Elizabeth Isham perished in the Titanic disaster. Isham was already in a lifeboat when she got out to go to the ship's kennel to retrieve her dog. She never returned. A few days later, her body was found in the water, still clutching her beloved pet.

Not the least among the heros of the Titanic was Rigel, a big black Newfoundland water rescue dog, belonging to the first officer, who went down with his ship. But for Rigel, the fourth boat picked up might have been run down by the Carpathia. For three hours he swam in the water where the Titanic went down, evidently looking for his master, and was instrumental in guiding the boatload of survivors to the gangway of the Carpathia

A rare photo of bodies of victims of the Titanic.

Titanic memorial (by Frank Fullard) Lahardane County Mayo

The graves of the Titanic dead Most of the gravestones identical, with the name and identification number of the victim, and the identical date of death, 15 April 1912. There are over 300 graves in Halifax, most in this cemetery, and also some in the Roman Catholic and Jewish cemeteries.

Do you know who Charles Joughin is? Well you should.  His story of surviving the Titanic is most extraordinary. After fortifying his body with two bottles of whiskey, Joughin rode the Titanic into the ocean similar to Jack and Rose in the movie and simply stepped off the bow without even getting his head wet, then spent 3 hours in the frigid waters before being rescued.

*TITANIC: Some of the survivors of the Titanic's crew, still in their life jackets, tell journalists their tales of that fateful journey.

Titanic Survivors, 1912

vintage everyday: Titanic Survivors, 1912

handout picture recieved from Southampton City Council on April 4, 2012 shows Titanic Captain Edward Smith. A century on since the grandest liner ever built sank to the bottom of the ocean on its maiden voyage, the legend of the Titanic still captivates the imagination the world over. Smith went down with the Titanic. AFP PHOTO / SOUTHAMPTON CITY COUNCIL

Laura Mabel Francatelli, a 30-year old secretary from London, reflected later on the dramatic arrival of Carpathia: "Oh at daybreak, when we saw the lights of that ship, about 4 miles away, we rowed like mad, & passed icebergs like mountains, at last about 6:30 the dear Carpathia picked us up, our little boat was like a speck against that giant.