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Some days I'm rather convincing, in fact. ;)

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Chuck's Fun Page 2: A dozen funny e-cards

Wait for it....wait for'll get it:)

How to amuse a pharmacist - The Poke

Funny Pictures Of The Day 73 Pics

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 73 Pics


Devotion - Cheezburger

Online jobs are become popular among employed and unemployed individuals. More often than not, the income form online jobs are sufficient to meet the financial requirements of the individuals.

Your children while they clean their room: 1%cleaning 30%complaining 69%playing with stuff they just found.

I laughed too hard at this one

#perception Find the positive hiding inside every negative situation

Now this is funny.

To The Window To The Wall Turtle | WeKnowMemes

This what I've really learned at college!

Thanks for being a good enough friend that you know when I say I want to lose weight, you know I really mean I want to eat cheese and a cupcake.

Why didn't I study it this way in college?? Clearly food is the way to learn science!!!!!!!