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Houseplants Safe for Cats

List of indoor plants that are non-toxic for cats, per the ASPCA. Plants clean your indoor air and make a great addition to decor!

African Violets - not toxic for either cats or dogs. They like moist soil and bright light, but don't need direct sunlight.

Grow Perfect African Violets | Violet Pot Tips
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Neanthe Bella Palm - Called a "Parlor Palm" this is a great indoor plant that likes bright light, but not direct sun. Safe for both cats and dogs if they want to take a nibble now and then.

NB Palm - Neanthe Bella Palm - Parlor Palm

Freckle Face / Polka Dot Plant / Baby's Tears - Hypoestes phyllostachya. Leaves may revert to solid-green in low light. Put your plant where it'll get plenty of light, but out of direct sun.

Freckle Face | ASPCA

Cast Iron Plant - Aspidistra elatior - It can survive in low-light conditions and doesn't need much water. Place it in a dimly-lit corner and water it occasionally and you'll have a gorgeous indoor plant without much effort at all.

Easiest House Plants to Maintain: Indoor Houseplants

Kimberly Queen Fern - Nephrolepis obliterata

Purple Waffle - Hermigraphis Alternata; medium light