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Geris Specialty Gifts

Unique Gifts for all Seasons Holidays And Special Occasions. It's a all in one Unique Gifts Information Web site. Creative Ideas, Experimentations/Concepts for Unique Gifts. For Men & Women, boys & girls, the elderly, siblings, family members, Friends, acquaintances, Home & Office. Centered exclusively on Unique Gifts. Articles relating to these images can be found at:

KALEIDOSCOPE NECKLACE--Look inside this handcrafted pendant to see all of the colors of the rainbow form brilliant patterns.

Vintage 9ct Gold Swiss Army Style Knife Charm 1964

Isis Unique Gold Diamond Engagement Ring, 14k gold, Egyptian Custom Italian jewelry

his unusual item is a sturdy, 8 inch long twig with lead inserted into one end. Use it to write just like you would use any pencil.. Practical and whimsical, it is a unique and unusual gift for anyone from kids to Real Estate Agents. They make great stocking stuffers, prizes, party gift-bag treats or promotional give aways. Price: $9.99


Daylight Savings Seize the day with a wearable sundial modeled after the ancient timepiece given to King Henry II by Eleanor of Aquitaine in 1152. Gifted to the king as a tool for gauging when to return from the hunt in time for their secret trysts, it's said that Henry made a replica encrusted with diamonds spelling "carpe diem" for his beloved Eleanor. An exacting sundial that accurately gauges the time of day, this authentic, sterling silver pendant is a wearable piece of history.

This new plush toy line from P.L.A.Y. is made with the same high standards of quality as their award-winning beds and, like their beds, each toy is stuffed with eco-friendly filler made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Garden Fresh toys are available in five “tasty” options, including an apple, pumpkin, carrot, pea pod, and zucchini.