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Native American Art

"It's important as a writer to do my art well and do it in a way that is powerful and beautiful and meaningful, so that my work regenerates the people, certainly Indian people, and the earth and the sun. And in that way we all continue forever." ~ Joy Harjo, Muskogee

Native American Antiques and Collectibles - Navajo Saddle Blanket

LOT #43a - Navajo single saddle blanket

1820-1850 Mi'kmaq (First Nations) Purse at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto - From the curators' comments: "Mi'kmaq people have been decorating birchbark with porcupine qullls since the 18th century and perhaps even earlier. Their Malecite neighbours called them the "Porcupine People". Such work was developed almost entirely for sale or trade and was an important source of income for Mi'kmaq families..."

Porcupine quill chair panel : First Nations, Mi'kmaq 1840-1850 birchbark with dyed porcupine quill and spruce root 56 cm x 27 cm. Shown at New Brunswick Museum.

New Brunswick Museum - Search Art, History & Photography

Man's coat, probably Lakota (Teton/Western Sioux) (attributed), circa 1890, Hide, glass bead/beads, sinew, cotton cloth, metal button/buttons, cotton thread, pigment/pigments. Sewn, overlay beadwork, lined, fringed

National Museum of the American Indian : Item Detail