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Articulation Games & Ideas

Everything Artic! - Games, printables and techniques for articulation therapy.

Cute way to use a mirror for articulation practice.

Fun SWEET craft to use while working on articulation practice!

Carrie's Speech Corner: Articulation Frogs Craftivity (plus a few other ideas for different targets)

Making Articulation Fun - Card Bowling

Speech Articulation Development: As a teacher, you will need to know some general information about articulation development, like what speech sounds are developed by what age. This post explains this and includes some easy to read charts as well.

Paper plate gumball machines made with dot paint. Great reinforcer with articulation groups

Articulation Spiders. Can also be used for Synonym or category spiders.

Therapy Idea of the Week: Articulation Twister

Process of Articulation Pinwheel and Speech Sound Development handout by Mommy Speech Therapy.

Free! Articulation Ladder - Visual Clip Chart for Articulation Students depicting isolation thru conversation.

Articulation Goal Tracker and Therapy Log

Articulation Notebooks Speech Therapy Activities

Articulation Bowling - Speech Therapy Games

Subscription site for pics for minimal pairs, artic and more $

Home Sweet Speech Room : Vocalic /r/ Games: War, Uno, and Slap

Free minimal pairs in sentences - gliding

tricks to get the k sound started

Tips for Teaching s and z by Let's Grow Speech

Phonology worksheets (great for Cycles approach)

Tricky Sounds: Correcting For Lateralized Airflow

This program is designed to retrain the students tongue to stay behind his or hers teeth. This is accomplished by repeating a variety of alveolar ...