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Sawed Off shotguns are cool, even though they are illegal. Been seeing some short barrel tactical shotguns recently.

Shogun vs. Shotgun..........shotgun.

Surgeon Rifles Actions

  • Charlie Kay Home Repair

    Someone down at the cowboy bar was showing their friends on of these. Do you feel safer knowing how easy it is to buy, if you are a potential assasin ?

  • Michael Spegal

    @Charlie Kay Why would someone be showing off a bolt action rifle receiver at a bar. This receiver is not easy to get. You have to order it through an authorized FFL dealer. unless you can find a used one for sell, which is not likely. Also, I am offended that you are questioning me about being an assassin. That is very rude!

Saiga-12... semi-auto, detachable box magazine fed, 12 gauge shotgun.. 20 rnd drum mag available

Kel-Tec KSG-12... double tube magazine, 14 rnd, bullpup, pump action shotgun.

Kel-Tec KSG 14-shot 12 Gauge Bullpup Shotgun | Les JonesLes Jones
  • Summer Brashear

    Bryon wants one for his B-DAY

  • Charlie Kay Home Repair

    We all feel more secure knowing that our sociopathic neighbors can buy these babies. Can I buy some for my psychopatic friends getting out of prison?

  • Michael Spegal

    @Charlie Kay No, that is a federal offense to buy a firearm for a known criminal. I hope you are not serious about purchasing a firearm for a convict. Also I am offended for you to call my neighbors sociopaths.

Springfield Armory 1911 GI model

Taurus Judge .410/.45LC

Russian PPSH-41

Browning M1919 .30cal machine gun

My personal EDC CCW pocket pistol chamber in 9mm

Romanian AK-47

Bushmaster ACR

Kimber Custom II TLE/RL