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Tips on how to pee in a wedding dress. Ha!

Anne Hathaway's Rap - Oh. My. God this is the best thing I've ever seen!!! Just watch and enjoy! you will LOL

'Oh my gosh I DIED. Everyone watch this. Right now.'

Dogs wearing panty hose. I died

HAHAHA! Best dog poster ever! disturbs the ice cream..

German guy trying to make sense of "party poopers." hilarious.

I can't stop laughing...ballet isn't for everyone... oh my goodness.. it hurts..someone help this poor child!!

Gollum: Sneaky little hobbitses.

Newborn photoshoot gone wrong

"Heard you're pregnant." perfect for when best friends have kids. *Fun Fact* my cousin sent me this... i still laugh at it!! :)

| The 35 Greatest Moments Ever On "The Ellen Show"-I'm going to look at these the next time i have a bad day

Dad level: Professional

The 21 Most Awkward Situations In History... hilarious! @Jessica Ransford click the link! do it!

Love Kristen Wig