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An article with a view point against Globalisation, as globalisation creates job loss in America.

Globalization and the Labor Market: this webpage shows how globalisation effects the labour market. This webpage is good for students who are wanting to improve their understanding of globalisation and how it is linked to the labour market.

Because of globalisation, poverty in developing countries means that the living standards in those countries have risen.

The Darkside of Globalization: This video shows how although globalisation can help the economy it can also be its downfall.

Globalisation exposing nike: This video shows how nike has exploited globalisation. Through cheap labour.

UNESCO | Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future: This website is a great way for students to learn about globalisation and there are activities to enhance their learning.

This emphasises the domino effect, as one countries economy falls so does many more. This is because of globalisation countries are interconnected.

This post explains how globalisation has effected education in India and how it has effected the Indian economy.

Globalisation opens up more competition for local business as there is more competition local business cannot handle the stress of competing against the multinationals.

This shows how globalisation creates many sweatshops in countries and abuses children as workers.