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Micro Farming - Livestock

The pins here are all relevant to selecting, breeding, and care of livestock. Note: Poultry/Water Fowl and Horses have their own boards. Structures for housing livestock, etc., is also in a separate board. Enjoy!

Preparing for Sheep On The Farm | The Elliott Homestead (.com)

Preparing For Sheep On The Farm - The Elliott Homestead

Choosing a dairy cow: a description of the different breeds. @Matt Valk Chuah Well Fed Homestead

Choosing a Dairy Cow: Breeds

Butchering A Rabbit – Video – Misty Prepper » The Homestead Survival

The Jersey breed of dairy cow originates from the Island of Jersey and it is quite distinct from all other breeds of livestock. Renowned for it’s beauty, ease of management and natural ability to produce rich creamy milk, the “ Jersey” is a product of the Island, it’s soil, it’s climate, it’s people and their history.

Diary of a Milkmaid: On Jersey Cows

Tips on raising sheep plus a great list of plants that they can and CAN'T eat!

Can sheep eat sweet peas? - Bless This Mess

Hobby Farm my idea of a hobby farm is having all types of miniture animal s and rare breeds just for pets like a zoo only better.

Hobby Farm Update - Bless This Mess

Raising Goats: How to Care for Your Goats...if I were to ever get a goat haha

Raising Goats: How to Care for Your Goats

Self-Sufficiency With a Dairy Goat - Animals - GRIT Magazine

Self-Sufficiency With a Dairy Goat

CD-T vaccinations for goats and time table to give it to them.

CD-T vaccinations

An easy, step-by-step guide and cost breakdown to getting set up with pastured pigs for the first time | The Elliott Homestead

How to Discourage a Milk Cow from Kicking | The Prairie Homestead

10 Tricks to Stop Your Milk Cow from Kicking

How to raise rabbits for meat & how to make rabbit sausage........

How To Raise Rabbits For Meat

Beyond Milk: Goats in the Backcountry. How one family with young children gets out backpacking, with goats! :: Homestead Honey

The Field Guide to Fleece: 100 Sheep Breeds & How to Use Their Fibers

Everything you need to know to buy, feed and raise pigs for meat. - Sustainable Farming - MOTHER EARTH NEWS (Very informative)

How to Start a Small Pig Farm

This is really cool! American Miniature Jersey. It only grows to about 3 or 3 1/2 feet tall and provides enough milk for a family.

Mini moos - Pint-size cows can be a perfect fit for a small acreage.

Mini moos | Living the Country Life

All About Miniature Jersey Cows

Miniature Jersey Cows -